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Week of October 10, 2011 (Read 231 times)


    We never made it off the first page last week! Seems like folks have a lot going on these days. Would be nice to have some of our old regulars pop in and say hi!


    I'm going to try to up the cross training the rest of this month. If my plan was to back off the running and increase the XT this fall/early winter, I guess I'd better get busy doing that! Had a good weekend of running though, with a zippy 10 mile tempo run on Saturday (7:37 avg), and a 14 miler on Sunday. Today was elliptical and weights with DH at lunchtime, even though it's another gorgeous day that would be fun for a run.


    Here's what we were all up to last week (another "WOW" week for Perry, I see!):

    Amores Perros 80.3 mi 11:02:41
    evanflein  47.3 mi 6:17:39
    pace2race  40.6 mi 6:36:26
    AussieGirl76 39.6 mi 5:26:31
    WillRunForBeer 39.1 mi 5:36:47
    Kimmie  37 mi 5:49:20
    CaraH 36.9 mi 5:28:17
    irpete 34.6 mi 5:10:18
    jhallum 25.2 mi 3:40:29
    theyapper66 4.4 mi 42:00
    Cashmason  1 mi 9:29

    Happy Camper

      10.4-easy paced miles for me this morning followed by weights for chest and shoulders this evening.  Changed it up and am going to try heavier weights at 3x5 progressing to 5x5 to see if I can get stronger.  I've kind of stalled at 3x10.  Also going to start full squats instead of 1/2 and full dead lifts instead of 1/2's.  At least I'll know quick if my form is good or crappy.  We had nice weather also this weekend Erika.  Rains are moving in this evening.  I'm slowing getting back from last Sunday's 50k.  I've had a touch of PF in my left foot that I've been working on with the stick.  This morning running easy it didn't start to hurt until the last mile.  Hope to get it healed.  I'm in for a 10k on the 29th and I want to see what I've got. 

      Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


        If you still look pretty afterward, you DIDNT DO IT RIGHT. Amen.




          Link to article on how to deadlift properly....  with videos.


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            I'd come around to being happy with having no marathons to race this autumn, because it's so painful to race a marathon.


            Then I had a great result at a 16mi race a week ago or so. A year ago I tried to run 7min pace on that, and got broken by the hills in its latter stages. This year they rerouted it, and it didn't have the killer hills, but I averaged well under 6:50.


            Now the idea is starting to infect me, that I wonder what I could do on a marathon now....  Thus it begins. An insidious little thing sneaking quietly into one's head from time to time, starting to weaken one's resistance...

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              Now the idea is starting to infect me, that I wonder what I could do on a marathon now....  Thus it begins. An insidious little thing sneaking quietly into one's head from time to time, starting to weaken one's resistance...


              You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


              Last fast run before Sunday's race:  7.2 miles, 58:54, 8:11/mi, AHR 150 (73% MHR), 1@8:19(n/a), 2@7:54(153), 4.19@8:18(149)


              Plan was 2 miles at MP, which turned out somewhat faster than the MP I expect to be able to maintain.

              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                I was emailing my dad back and forth about my marathon program and I asked him (if he could remember) what work he was doing to get his sub-3.  His distance work didn't surprise me, but what did was the fact that his training program was a year long.  Anyway, it turns out that one day he went for his usual run and got half way, turned around, and never ran again.  I always worry about doing that myself!  This weekend I have my 4th marathon, watch me totally lose my interest in running afterwards (for a month).


                6:50 is ridiculously fast.  I did a 7:13 over that distance a couple of weeks ago, 6:50 is insane.  So... have you already signed up?


                ... So two miles at marathon pace, what's your goal?  I'd like to be able to do an 8 min mi pace this weekend, but we shall see. 

                  Im properly tapered for Columbus...not sure I'll make it thiugh. Coming down with a cold and upper respitory issues. Hopefully Im better by the weekend.


                    5.5 mile trail run yesterday at lunchtime, needed tights, long sleeves and gloves at 34° at 1 p.m. Nice run though. Today was time at the DMV (I never can get out of there in less than an hour it seems), then the gym with DH for elliptical, ab stuff and some leg press. I hope to get a run in tonight after work, but we'll see.


                    Perry, go for it.


                    Nice run, Lou. You say you've had a lot of problems this training cycle, but I bet you'll surprise yourself on Sunday.


                    Hang in there, Murphy! You can do it!


                    Gen, I worry about that sometimes, too. That can sometimes lead to obsessive planning to be sure that, no matter what, you get your run in!

                      Thanks, Erika.


                      Gen, I have no goal.  Really.  Well, sub-4, but that's all I'm worried about.  3:30 is out of the question for me this weekend, which as you know is 8 minute pace.

                      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                        100 degrees today.


                        Did my normal half mile warm up run before lifting.   At least the short distances are getting faster  3:44 


                        That was before it got hot.

                          I think I will do alright, actually--if the health improves just a bit or at least doesnt get worse.


                          I learned alot during my 24 hour race. I think I can keep moving, and run the pretty much the whole thing. I know the course well..looks like they reverted back to the course I ran the first 2 years I did it..which is really flat the first 13 miles--then 5 gradual uphill miles, about 3 flat miles, and a slightly downhill finish.


                          I am going to be fairly aggressive at the start and then do a planned 4:1 run walk through the uphill, and try to hang on through the downhill. If all goes as planned, I should go under 5 hours--sadly for the first time ever. Or I could finish in over 6 hours if it all comes crashing after the half way point.

                          Happy Camper

                            Gosh Erika I thought you'd still have the house windows open at 34F, let alone needing all that coverage during a run.  Wink


                            Holy imbalances.  Did full deadlifts and full squats for the first time tonight.  All my 49 years I have only done half or rack squats which work the front side of the leg.  Can max out at 430 lbs.  Tonight with the full squats I was soaked with sweat and wanting to cry after 3x5 at 155 lbs.  I knew I was in trouble after warming up at 1 x 10 at 135 lbs like I always do. I'm sore this evening and I hope I can run in the morning.  Glad I'm going to get this fixed. 


                            Sprint intervals for me this morning.  Love them at sunrise.


                            Go for it Perry!

                            Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                              I have my race tomorrow, lots of nervous excitement


                                What are you racing, Gen? We've got Murphy doing Columbus, Lou and Harriet doing Atlantic City, Perry thinking of something... Lots going on this weekend!


                                But not for me. I've got our local running club's awards banquet Saturday night. I've got the AG award for the old ladies 50-54 group, and top runner (as in, lowest cumulative time) for the women who ran all the series runs. But I got bumped out of the awards (only goes to top 5) for the overall series points, coming in 6th. Oh well. But those are usually the best awards (like jackets and vests and such).


                                A little milder than yesterday, so I'm going out for a RAL today.