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    THought it would be nice to have a thread just for our 2008 running goals. My goals: Get to 175 lbs. Pushing 200 now. Run 1500 miles 2 marathons at under 5 hours. And to set PRs at each marathon (Flying Pig and then Las Vegas). If I can set a PR at the Pig, I should be able to beat that time in Vegas since its a much easier course. Happy New Year!
      run the Gasparailla marathon in 3:40 Smile keep running and running.....


        Biggest one is to run without injury this year. I've been doing really well avoiding injuries since last Spring and I want to keep it up. Other ones: 1. 100 miles per month each month during the year 2. 1500 total miles 3. PR 1:50 HM 4. PR 3:50 Marathon 5. PR 1:17 Army Ten Miler

        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

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          My goals are aggressive this year darnnit! Racing goals: March 9th: Caesar Rodney Half May 8th: Broad Street Run (10 Miler) Sept 21st: Philadelphia Distance Run (HM) Nov 23rd Philadelphia Marathon (26.2) Running goals: To keep doing it healthy style! Other goals: 1. enjoy my wedding 2. keep using the gym 3. to not eat my face off just because I feel hungrier!!
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            1) Drop 20 lbs by May 4th. 2) Kick some ass in my first full marathon in Vancouver. 3) Not die from it and remain injury free. 4) Just enjoy running and do it because I want to, not feel I have to. What can I say, I'm a simple man.
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              Hey Guys! My ears were burning and I knew someone was talking about me! 1. 2350 miles 2. 3:50 marathon 3. 24:30 5k 4. Average >4.5 days running per week In order to make these, obviously I need to stay injury free and it'll help to drop some poundage. Numbers 1 and 4 are pretty aggressive. 2 and 3 should be a natural result of 1 and 4.


                1. Run a race every month. 2. Run a half marathon PR. < 1:54. 2. break personal course records in three races. 4. maybe a fall marathon. it's a lower priority goal, my main goal is fargo 2009 marathon. 1:54.="" 2.="" break="" personal="" course="" records="" in="" three="" races.="" 4.="" maybe="" a="" fall="" marathon.="" it's="" a="" lower="" priority="" goal,="" my="" main="" goal="" is="" fargo="" 2009="" marathon.=""></ 1:54. 2. break personal course records in three races. 4. maybe a fall marathon. it's a lower priority goal, my main goal is fargo 2009 marathon. >


                  I'd like to chime in here too! I'm a noob marathoner. I'm running my first on January 13. My 2008 goals Run 2 marathons (P.F. Chang's 1/13 and Chicago 10/2008) Run 1 HM in April which will be the end of my base training which I'm starting after P.F. Chang's Get down to a size 8 (about a 20 pound weight loss) by August (10 year HS reunion) Run Chicago in 4:30-5:00 Be consistent in my training Stay true to my low HR training so I can PR at chicago in October.
                  Finished my first marathon 1-13-2008 in 6:03:37 at P.F. Chang's in Phoenix. PR in San Antonio RnR 5:45:58!!!!!! on 11-16-08 The only thing that has ever made any difference in my running is running. Goal: Break 2:30 in the HM this year Jay Benson Tri (place in Athena category) 5-10-09
                    Awesome Turbo. You'll need to post a report on your marathon here. I'll probably sticky a thread for race reports in here.

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                      Get back to 160lbs, 180 now. St. Louis M in April-Entered Berryman 50-mile Trail run in May-Entered Heart of America M in September HRM Training-Do types of runs by HR Effort as opposed to Target Pace Times. Exceed 2007 mileage Sub 4:00 M

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                        Hiya: I'd like to race three marathons in 08: Miami (January), ???(Spring), and Philly (November). As for time, I want to do Miami in 3:20 and Philly in -3:10. Also, I'd like to run +2,000 miles the year. I'd like to try and run a 5k in under 20 minutes, but will not train specifically for this. Finally, I want to volunteer at a race. Good luck all.
                          My 2008 Goals: 1) complete my 6 marathons in 6 months quest (Carlsbad on 1/20/08 will do it) 2) multi-day relay (Ragnar del Sol scheduled Feb. 29/Mar 1) 3) Boston: show up uninjured and ready to race, finish sub-4 4) PR at Boston.... 5) 3:45 full (see #4) 6) Sub-1:45 HM (my last HM was also a pacing project for marathon pace... next one will be HM PR goal effort) 7) Sub-22 5k (I don't know why this sticks in my craw so much... my only unmet 2007 goal is maybe why... I hate 5k's) 8) Get back to 135 lbs. (should help at least a few of the above) 9) Run a marathon in a state I haven't already run in (too many WA and CA races so far!!) 10) To accomplish most of above: Stay healthy/uninjured!!! I was gonna put a total mileage goal out there, but 10 is more than enuf (but I would like to hit 2,000) OOPS: ETA... there is a #11, and it might help me reach #9... I want to do an ultra this year. Not a 50 miler like P2R, but a 50k would be awesome...

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                            My 2008 Goals: 9) Run a marathon in a state I haven't already run in (too many WA and CA races so far!!)
                            Erika - I think Boston will take care of that one. Smile

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                              My Wish List, in order of Preference 1) Be able to run all year 2) Lose 20 lbs by May 1st and then another 10 by August 1st, I currently weigh 195 3) Have back to back 100 mile weeks, just once before year's end 4) Complete my first Marathon (No walking) "Scotia Bank" September 28th Toronto 5)Run 2,000 miles for the year

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                                Hi all, im new to this Forum Group and new to Running Ahead but not new to running. I frequent the Runner's World forums but am starting to get involved here too. looks like there is a nice little group here! My goals for 2008 ( #3 and 4 are the most importan to me) 1) train smarter than I did last year ( had nagging injuries most of last year. the worst being Plantar Fascitis -- ran through most of it and raced fairly well but by the end of the year I was burned out) 2) run a couple 10 milers or half marathons in the spring/summer and one in the fall leading up to ... 3) arrive at my first full Marathon ever ( Steamtown in October) trained well and injury free 4) Run 3:25 or better in said marathon ( would be thrilled with anything sub 3:20) 5) Keep my mileage consistant throughout the year ( avg 40-45 MPW by summer hopefully -- right now around 30-35 MPW avg) 6) NEW PRS for the following: 1/2 ( 1:34:30 ) 10K ( very soft 45:41) 5K ( 19:30) 7) drop another 10 pounds or so to be in more efficient running shape ( ive come a long way. In Jan 2006 I was at my heaviest ever 252 and by Dec 2006 I as down to 150 which im currently holding at give or take a couple pounds) good luck everyone in reaching and surpassing your goals this year!