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Happy Camper

    Time to get this month going! Smile  7.1 General Aerobic paced miles in the 15F dark on a back to work Tuesday. 


    Welcome back Bugs!  Missed you.

    Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

      Happy New Year P2R! And yes, welcome back Bugs. I hope you can continue to check in with us, we get a little lonely around here sometimes!


      4.1 easy miles yesterday, then a gym workout with DH of 2.4 miles on the elliptical and 30 minutes U/B weights. Today's run was 9.2 miles on the treadmill with intervals: 4 x .5 mile @ 8:00 pace, then 4 x .25 mile @ 7:30 pace, all with .25 recoveries @ 8:34. I've sure gotten lazy. I used to do half mile and mile repeats at that 7:30 pace, which I call loosely my 10k pace even though my 10k PR is faster... Oh well. I can work back up to that, right? Still cold here, hasn't gotten above -30 for awhile. I go back to work tomorrow, and it should warm up a bit (and snow) by the weekend.

        Yes Bugs--keep posting in here..I vow to do the same..


        I was sick New Years day--just now recovering. Down to just a sore throat now. Did get 4 miles in yesterday on the indoor track at an easy pace--I'll let the speed come naturally..since Im training just for the 24 hour race at this point. It went well, not sore at all today. Was going to do a couple today--but came in the office late so wont be able to head out at lunch. If I get to the Y in time I will shoot for 6 tonight.


        Layed out a training plan. But my main focus is on building the base..and hitting the initial target to be on 2000 mile pace by the end of February.


        -30? thats just ridiculous. Its amazing to me how much you are able to run out there. Cant imagine what kind of mileage youd put down in more hospitable climates.

          I've been wimping out this winter and doing my cold weather runs on the treadmill in the garage... Yeah, I've frequently thought it would be fun to be some place where zero was "cold."

          Happy Camper

            Ha!  Run outside in shorts this morning.  7.1 miles, very nice.  Weights after work.  So glad the weekend is here. 

            Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

              Happy new year to all!


              Ah, the weekend.  Yes.


              Weather has been nice here in Maryland -- still running in shorts maybe 40% of the time.


              Slept in this morning, and will run soon.

              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                Definitely beautiful outside.    I ran this morning with the intent of going 12, and had to cut it short to 6 because of stomach issues.  That has been a problem for me lately, and I hope to figure it out.


                happy New Year all!    Great to see you here, Bugs, and I'm glad you're on the upswing.

                  Another treadmill run today. 9.1 miles with 4 half mile repeats at 8:00 pace, the rest pretty much 8:42 to 8:34. Kimmie, I've been wanting to get outside to run but the temperatures or snow has kept me inside. Turns out it might be a good thing as it seems I make it 1 to 1.5 miles and have to stop to run upstairs to the restroom. Glad I'm not outside when that happens... but still, I'm getting pretty tired of the treadmill. When we get plowed out well, which I hope will be this coming week, I'll start venturing outside for some runs no matter the temp. Gotta start getting some hillwork in!

                  Happy Camper

                    Guess I needed the rest today.  No run but made it to the gym for some weight work.  Monday morning, back to running and back to work!

                    Racing on Saturday, just need to decide on the 10k or 20k option.  Race will be ran on roads and will be my last one in the 40-49 age group. 

                    First one in our serial competition.



                    Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 

                    Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


                      We are having a weird winter, no snow, very warm. My PF is acting up.. But am sore everywhere between kettlebells class yesterday and masters swim today. First time swimming in a month, and it felt obvious swimming four to a lane with swimmers that didn't take a holiday break.


                        BUGS!!! What a gorgeous picture in your avatar! And I love the kitteh... what a cutie! Sorry about the PF, and I heard you guys in MN, MI and WI are having the most incredible warm winter. Other states as well, that's just where a lot of friends and family are so I hear about it.


                        After that great run on Saturday, I woke up with a really sore tendon behind my ankle. Sort of between ankle and achilles on the inside. Weird. Felt great Saturday night, Sunday morning it felt like a bruise, very localized. I ran 4 on Sunday, goal was 13, but after 3 miles it started to get sore so quit at 4. It's proceeded to get more sore and slightly swollen, and I have no idea what I did to it! I did go out and shovel snow and some hard pack for about 45 minutes on Saturday, and when I did it again for a bit on Sunday it instantly flared up. So... I wonder if I did something to it shoveling? I have no idea. Very strange.


                        Took a rest day Monday, and yesterday just went to the gym for elliptical and weights. Today, more of the same at lunchtime. I'm ok with the downtime, I guess, even with Boston coming up (but that's months away...). But the killer thing is, we've been having weeks of cold weather, temps in the -20's and -30's since what feels like forever. And yesterday and today? The temps up to the 20's. And no snow (yet). Seriously. The best running weather since early December, and I'm not running. I could go out for a couple miles, I guess, but don't want to risk insulting this thing in my ankle. So... my attitude is right where you'd expect it to be. Angry  Oh well, this next cold snap (supposed to get back down there again by Friday) is supposed to be shorter than the last one, then hopefully the good weather will coincide with me being ready to run!!!


                          sorry to hear about your ankle/achilles acting up, Erika.    Hopefully, it's short lived.


                          I just got off the treadmill and had a great workout-  speed work....  This marathon's coming up fast, so I must get a long run in this weekend, no matter what.    

                            Everyone has been sick..Im just getting better. The kids both have surgery Monday--Ava for Tubes (again) and Adenoid removal, and Aidan for tubes. Hopefully this helps--one or both has been constantly sick for the last couple of months.


                            I'll be back on track this weekend--and starting back up at the work gym on Monday.


                            Hope you recover soon Erika--and get some good weather runs in..


                            Bugs--great picture--I saw them on facebook as well..cute cat and great looking family..


                              Yes, I meant to comment on the picture. Cute!,

                                Good 12 miler this morning-  super windy.... glad I had time to go this long today.