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Christopher Martin's 5K (Read 308 times)

Hold the Mayo

    Anyone else here planning on running this race?

      My mailman is trying to convince me -- he says it is the best race of the year.


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      Hold the Mayo

        I haven't heard much about the race itself, other than it's fast and flat, and filled with costumes, but supposedly the after-party at CM's is the best post-race event all year. Hope to see you there!
          That looks awesome. I love that the entry is a donation and the T-shirts are separate. Too bad I won't be in the state until after that. Good luck though! Is anyone planning on racing in CT between 12/18 and Jan 2nd? I'd guess odds of finding a short race then are pretty low but I figured I'd ask.

          Hold the Mayo

            Actually there are a few, depending on what town you're going to be near (and what you mean by short). There's a 10 miler in Norfolk on the 20th, a 5K in Colchester on the 27th, and Jan 1st is the Chilly Chili 5K in Orange (among others that day). You can go to the Hi-tek Racing Calendar to get links to the details for each one...
              thanks Michael! I honestly didn't even think about racing while I was up there until I saw this thread. I have never raced in the cold of winter though so it might be fun to do a 5K or 10K even though I haven't been doing any sppedwork. I am going to be all over CT between the NE corner and NW corner so it's just a matter of finding a race that fits with the travel plans. Actually the Scrooge Scramble would work perfectly. hmmm I wonder if I can talk my family into opening gifts later in the day...

              Hold the Mayo

                And there's always this, although it's not quite in CT: NYRR Emerald Nuts Midnight Run In Central Park