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Rim Rock Dad

    I know that I won't be able to make it. I have to work since I took last Sat. off. Plus I do have the race on the 12th.
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    Top 'O the World!

      Kewl! Gotcha in my phone....yeah, I noticed that (sim. PR's)when you posted the Frisco Half....however, Ft Collins was quite a bit lower in El. than Frisco...Garmin said start was only 5400' - which is lower than my normal "training" areas! gotta love Colorado! Wink I'm planning to pop up to our mtn house Friday to acclimate a bit since I've been mostly staying down @ the Littleton house (near your new job) Have you had a chance to check out any paths down in the new work area yet? Getting pretty warm for mid-day runs lately....however, I'm seeing plenty of folks running even @ peak heat through Cherry Hills Village (pretty area along Highline)....I say as I'm riding my scooter to & from work!
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