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Favorite "fortified" eggnog (Read 121 times)

Ultra Cowboy

    So Far I've had Eggnog with:

    Korbel Brandy

    Bulleit Whisky



    What other combinations shall I try?

    Some of my inspiration from Drink Nation





    Ultra Cowboy

      so no one has a favorite eggnog booze? 


      Maybe I should do a different Eggnog drink each day before Christmas...




        I like Puerto Rican eggnog, aka COQUITOS (Drink Nation has it listed as "CoCito").   Although the Drink Nation recipe contains actual eggnog, coquitos usually just have sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk for the base, I think.



        Here's an eggnog recipe I just thought up:


        Banana Split Nog


        4 oz. of eggnog

        2.5 oz. of 99 Bananas

        chocolate shavings

        whipped cream topping

        maraschino cherry garnish





        Also, eggnog pancakes!


        Trust Me, Im an Engineer

          I was very surprised to find I enjoyed my eggnog,


          1-2 shots Old Smuggler Scotch

          8 oz of Egg not


          The smokiness of the scotch really enhanced the flavor of the eggnog

          Not all those who wander are lost - JRR Tolkien


          Ultra Cowboy

            cb I have some JW red in the cabinet I'll try that...




            Trust Me, Im an Engineer

              oh man I wish I had gotten Johnny Walker Black, I gave my friend 20 bucks to get me some scotch and they went quantity over quality... anyone want a handle of blended scotch whiskey?

              Not all those who wander are lost - JRR Tolkien


              12 Monkeys

                y'all don't homemake them?