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    Guess what they make now? Upscale box wine. ( sort of ) I bought it as a joke for my husband but it was not half bad. I bought the Shiraz version. Only 16 bucks. Oh, and it's much cuter then the old fashioned boxes. Come on, you remember the days when you had a box of white zin in the fridge... ? Blush

    - Anya

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Oh, I've been a fan of box wine for years. My favorite is the Hardy's Stamp of Australia Riesling. About $16/3L. Definitely beats the Almaden crap...$10/5L.

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        Ya, man. I'll have to try the Hardy's. I just love the bargin factor!

        - Anya

          Upscale box wine.
          No such thing.
            It's finally gone! It lasted 2 weeks. NIce !!!!!!!! Blush

            - Anya