Drinkers with a Running Problem


Can't wait until Wednesday! (Read 540 times)

Former runner

     We can't let a little sourness stop us from drinking, now can we?!  Smile

     Nothing wrong with a good sour beverage. Someday I hope to have the proper equipment to produce sours on purpose.




      Do you have to be more careful with beer making and contamination issues?


      Are you asking about beer making versus yogurt making?.......or beer versus wine making?  If the latter,  ABSOLUTELY you have to be more careful.  Wine fermentation gets you the higher alcohol that helps with sterilization, although that in itself doesn't keep funky things from ruining a batch.  I have been breweing beer for close to 20 years and it needs more care than wine or spirits since molds, wild yeast, and other types of bacteria can really take hold if you aren't careful.  Bottling is the worst since you can cross-contaminat on bottle No. 1 and then every subsequent bottle has the chance to be ruined.  If you are careful and consistent with beer you don't need to worry.


      Zoom-zoom, I agree with you, we are turning our kids into sterile little pansies who have no natural resistance and immunities at all.  While you can now find Purell EVERYWHERE, sterile wipes for grocery carts, etc. I say "F" it!  I think it makes things worse, not better.......IMHO.

      ✔ Think of setting 2013 goals.

      Stop being a fat slob.

      Run more miles than last year.