Drinkers with a Running Problem


Why drinking out of schooner are good!!!! (Read 148 times)


    1. They don't leave a mark on the table. My wife bitches at me less. 2. Who does not like drinking out of a goblet type Cup 3. Hard to break 4. Comes with all the old beer lables on them. 5. Can buy them on ebay 6. my Gramp's and Dad you'st to get schoonners of Mister Brue at the coner tavern ( I would of like to been there) 7. One of the few things to come out of the 70's that was good. That and the Fu Man Chu, but that was a given 8. Holds 12 once beer perfectly 9. Makes a nice hillbilly wine glass 10. I feel like a bad ass when drinking out of one.