Good Times 5K of Lowell MA


Girabaldi 5 miler Sunday (Read 282 times)


    I'll be there.  Anyone else? 


    Good cookout and beer afterwards.



        Rick, where were you?


        Good day, plenty of beer!!


          Too much beer Sat. night, oops!

            Race report.


            Plan:  Told everyone I was going to hang back and pace myself.  Reality:  Took off like a bat outta hell with the leaders, only goal is to stay in front of EJ and Jon as long as possible.  EJ catches me at 1/2 to 3/4 and tries to talk me into submission, I relent and let him go.  Watch as EJ walks through water stop having long conversations with all the volunteers, still can't catch him.  Start tiring at ~ 3 miles, try to high five my daughter like we had planned, but I completely whiff on the attempt.  Jon catches me at 3.5ish, run with him for 20 nanoseconds, then legs revolt on me.  Watch as EJ walks again and still moves further ahead.  Coming down the last 1/2 mile stretch, a gail force wind whips up and brings me to a crawl a couple times.  Look at my watch, I calculate if I all out sprint I may be able to nip 32, try to sprint, keep trying, clock at 31:58, 59...maybe, maybe...NO 32:00 flat.  Walk up to RR bridge and back with EJ and Jon, head down to cookout.  First ones for food and beer!  Life is GOOD!  Hung out for a couple hours, had four beers, and then saw something I have never seen before at a race.  There they were...many large cups of BEER lined up on the counter with NO LINE!  .....  and I had to leave with my DD and DW.


              I drank most of that beer....

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