Good Times 5K of Lowell MA


How many of you going to run Kerouac? (Read 330 times)


    Didnt' make it there.  When I went to sign up online, there was something wrong with active at the time, so i didn't get through....then I got tickets to the Pats and went there instead.


    So how'd it go people?

      I thought it was a pretty lame Kerouac.  No clocks out on the course.  No guy reading Kerouac poems on the corner.  The competition was pretty weak.  EJ, you could have won this race!  You were only allowed one free beer and it wasn't done with beer tickets.  You had to show your bib to get your beer.  Of course I had already changed and taken it off.  I had to wait in the beer line twice.  The band was enjoyable enough and their was some good raffle prizes.  I'll definitely be doing it again next year but this wasn't the best Kerouac.  The shirt is the best one out of the four that I have done.