Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


After After Party at Mafiaozas (Read 39 times)

Hoodoo Guru

    Sunday 6pm at Mafiaozas Restaurant. Ask Trent for directions or Google it. They have the front bar area reserved for us Good pizza and other stuff, 2 for 1 beer. What's not to like? And don't miss the firepit

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    Lazy idiot

      Tick tock


      Shoe Alarmist

        Sorry I missed that. Why was this information not handed out with the finishers' medals? We went to Bolton's instead. Which was really really good, actually. Yet parts of my digestive tract appear to have been angrier about that when contrasted against previous Mafiaoza experiences.


        MTA: And who made that brownie pie & what was that recipe? It seemed to be more than brownie mix in a pie crust. Though I would enjoy the simplicity of that recipe.

        Hoodoo Guru

          I was really late in getting involved with the race this year and didn't get our reservation at Mafiaozas reserved until Saturday afternoon.


          I have asked Trent to increase our After After Party promotional budget, but he refuses. Just assume we will be there next year. 6pm.

          The tangents are moot.





            I will be at Mafiozas at 6 again this year, because two for one Dos Perros, because of tradition, and because sometimes it is nice to get to spend more time with you people.


            Please come out and join in the fun.

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              Me too. + Jim. + two friends coming to visit from Alabama.

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                I plan to be there At Mafiozas  and will be working the finish line.

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                old woman w/hobby

                  Yes, we two also.