Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


It's Official, Post Monkey at Mafiaozas (Read 700 times)


    I will see you all in Hell ... I mean NashVegas


    You all suck  ... except Skootr - He is my favorite


    You double suck Trent!

    7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



      Probably some of the long time monkey people aren't a member of this here forum so they wouldn't be aware of the change from Mafiaozas to AJs.


      In years past I probably would have prefered AJs (even though their food is shit- but it's about the beer so who cares) since my house was right there behind that shopping center... but this year, I prefer Mafiaozas because we are staying with Bens uncle Carl who lives walking distance from Mafiaozas. And it's kinda tradition, right? It'd be kinda sad to not go because then Trent couldn't complain about their awful pizza (which I think is good)


      But really, I will just go where the cool people are. 


      I do plan to hit up Cancun again this year for lunch post race after I take a Jewish shower....Tanya was there last year, in the midst of drinking herself off the post party guest list Big grin  I don't care what Trent says. Cancun is better than Las Palmas.








        Oh I hear you on "walking distance to the place", which is why the microtel folks perked up about AJs. Mafiaoza's is a little harder to find for us out-of-towners (but clearly not too bad, we've gotten there before). I remember having to deal with street parking.


        But, yes, if it is the traditional place with the monkey streakers and originals, then that's a pretty big deal.