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    As this is the year my Mom was going to finally sacrifice me to the Monkey Gods to disachieve a PW, she will be very disappointed to hear with my strained calf it is looking less likely a possibility. And also I lost my bragging rights to my flat-loving Chicago running friends, that the only Marathon I dare try this year had 20 more hills than than even a race of their worst nightmares.


    That being said, and I realize the 2013 lottery could be vastly different, but does having entry to this year's race and not completing it (in prior years anyway), give any advantage to getting in 2013? If all else fails, besides a miracle cure, I could start at 11:59 PM Saturday night, and hobble my way through it. Lastly to volunteer is it possible to show up very early on race day (as I have a running club election on the Saturday - they like the monkey are merciless and won't be able to make Harpeth Hills by sundown or later on Saturday).

    Thanks so much!

    Gargamel (whom the Smurfs are making a fool of in his incapacitated state)

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      Hey, fire me an email Smile


        Sorry to hear about your calf strain -


        All I am sure of is that I continue to Bribe Trent with beer every year.  So far it is working.  I have even purchased some beer to store and pull out when it is impossible to find.  If he ever gives up beer I am screwed.

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          Thanks Trent and Dopplebock!

          Hadn't thought about the beer angle, Maybe they would let me check in a keg on the Megabus from Chicago!

          Fortunately (or unfortunately) it may not be the calf at all, but a partial tear of the ligament below it (just a hypothesis), but all I know is going up and down stairs had been aggravating it, though a little less so today, but will know better from Doctor tomorrow.

          What I remember from last year's Monkey that I huffed and puffed going up a single flight of stairs at the El on the way to the airport the day before and thought, "What chance in El, do I have in the hilliest Marathon ever?"