Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Tom King and CM 1/2 (Read 571 times)

Hold the Mayo

    Welcome, Helen. I'm not from Nashville, but I wish I was. All the fun people live there. Big grin
    Me too (or, is it, me, neither?), although I plan on being will be there for at least one weekend this year! And like Candice said, Nashvillian is a state of mind. So that, I am. MTA: And Welcome!
      Re the pressure to do a marathon... Well, I did originally (like 5 years ago) have the goal of doing one before I had spent 6 decades on this planet, but too late for that Tight lipped You guys are hilarious. As soon as I find out just how "challenging" Race Judicata (not to be confused w/ my original ajudica Embarrassed), and whether or not SIL is really who he says he is Evil grin, I'll be chatting again. In the meantime, I'll be lurking at the swamp on a regular basis.