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    Got back from Taiwan last night after a 26 hour plane adventure. Resting heart rate very high. I guess this is what they call jetlag. I feel like I'm in a dream.
    Yep, that's jetlag. btw, jetlag coming back (or traveling east) is always worse than jetlag going to Asia (or traveling west). When you start feeling sleepy in the afternoon, go get some sunlight (even if it's cloudy). That makes your brain produce the 'wake-up' chemicals and helps reset your internal clock.
    Liked Taipei. The food, the polite friendly people, the sights, the scooters, the art, the public transportation, etc.
    I love Taipei. The night market is great, Snake Alley is fascinating and home to one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. It looks like a run down seafood stall on the outside but is all gold plated elegance on the inside. And Taipei doesn't smell nearly as much like burning tires as it did 20 years ago. The people are wonderful, too. So I've been doing MAF, or trying to, for the past several runs. I'm doing a run/walk combo to try to keep my HR down. My pace, which includes my warm up and cool down walks, is just over 15 mpm but I'm going farther and longer than I ever did on the C25k plan. I also don't finish up feeling like I've been on a death march. All in all, I'm really enjoying the runs a lot more when I keep my HR low. I'm still seeing spikes up to MAF +10, especially on hills, so I just slow down to a walk until it drops to MAF -10 and then I start running again. Thanks to all for encouragement and answers.
    Have you got a flag?
      My marathon training team officially starts tomorrow. I'm glad to see my pace coming back down during my runs. I'm back down to a 12:15 or so. Of course, I ran with a friend today that needed to take a 45 second walk break, so that throws the numbers a little. Time: 5:36 AM Distance: 5.00 Miles Avg Pace: 12:25/Mile Avg HR: 142 (MAF-2) Max HR: 160 Temp: 18 F

        Ran a morning 8 miles. 10:20 min miles, 130 avg HR, on a treadmill. Have a nice weekend, everyone.
          55 minutes (5+45+5) on the gerbil track 4.15 miles avg HR: 129/Max: 141 (MAF 140) Infomercials and Sportscenter on the TV, Audio highlight on the IPOD was Stupid Boy by Keith Urban. Looking forward to an outdoor run tomorrow.
            5.4 miles this morning 1:00:30 (11:13/mile) avg hr: 129 max hr: 144 MAF hr: 138 I had to take a few short walking breaks when the hr got too high.



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              Friday January 04, 2008 04:56:28 AM CST Post Iowa caucus Maff run 11 deg f 72 per cent hum 03 deg dp 10 mph se (a chill wind blew) -3 deg wc Mile (1) 12:35 HR AVG 118 HR SPIKE 122 (1ST 1/2 MILE D.H.) Mile (2) 13:13 HR AVG 122 HR SPIKE 125 Mile (3) 13:29 HR AVG 121 HR SPIKE 126 Mile (4) 13:23 HR AVG 121 HR SPIKE 125 Mile (5) 13:15 HR AVG 122 HR SPIKE 125 Mile .25 3:21 HR AVG 123 HR SPIKE 125 5.25 MILES IN 01:09:16 YEILDING 13:12 MIN/MILE HR AVG 121 MAFF HR 125 I much prefer the celestial beauty of the pre-dawn sky, than the starbuckled urgency of the road warrior crowd come sunrise. I'm really enjoying the posts and the ever expanding maff group; quite cosmopolitan. I certainly hope your feeling more refreshed and back to top form Jet-set Jimmy! Thrilled that the pols, media, shameless pandering, etc. are exiting Iowa and may be headed to a town near you. LG1 .....this is Lowgear1, and I approve this message.
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                4 miles yesterday, 3 today. Keeping HR under 129 (MAF-5) and mileage low due to high resting HR (+14). This jetlag stuff is really weird. Bizarre dreams, and especially when I'm sleeping. Hopefully this laryngitis bug will get conquered soon by my most awesome white blood cells and my HR get back to normal. Want to get back to marathon training! As far as the poltical ones bestowing their power-seeking presences on my area, don't think so. They don't come much to Rhode Island, as we always go Democrat. We are one corrupt state because of this. Off to teach and hack phlegm all over my students' guitars. --Jimmy

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                  6.2 miles today , RHR =53, AHR 133 Max 140 ,pace 11:44 Felt a little better today so I got out there. The weather was a lot warmer today than yesterday , 33 degrees today,could have done without the steady 20 mph wind though. How come you can run a loop and always seem to have the wind in your face? Big grin Next week it's supposed to be in the 50's so back to shorts! Good runs to all this weekend , Greg

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                    Had a great run today. My dh (do you use that acronym here?) had the day off unexpectedly so I got to run outside. That will make three outside days for me this week which directly translates into me being a happier person. I live in the mountains and it is such a beautiful cloudy day with perfect temps (45-50). 3.5 miles Avg HR - 142 (MAF=150) Max HR - 152, but I think I only hit that briefly twice. I had my Garmin set to go off at 148. I did see a few 150's as I am learning to run at this slower pace. Avg pace - 13:01/mile I didn't have to walk at all which was nice. This route includes a few long stretches of uphill too.

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                      Ran 7 miles on the t-mill. last 5.5 miles at 10 min miles. Avg HR 131. Feel like I will be able to pick up the pace a little bit while still staying below MAF. Will try to explore this during next week's training.
                        Sat Morning: icy outside, treadmill not 100 minutes (5+90+5) 7.27 miles RHR: 51 Avg HR: 131 Max HR 141 (MAF 140) Had to slow down major in last mile to keep HR down. not unexpected as this was longest run in a while. The Mexican (Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, "Tony Soprano") on TBS, Pheddipidations and NPR podcasts on the Ipod. Temps coming up in 40s/50s give hope for some outside running..but alas rain also called for.

                          Ok - First post here so hope i get this right Distance - 10.15 miles Time - 1:56:39 Avg Pace - 11:29 Avg HR 145 (Max 192; 68%WHR/HRR) Not run 10 miles in a LONG! time so decided to go slow aim to keep it under 147 or 142 if i could. Know my aerobic capacity sucks but will keep this route in mind following the words of Hadd until a 10 mile run feels easy with a steady HR and no loss of pace. Today wasn't that day so i will have to work at that. Its about a minute per mile slower than my normal training run when i was more fit well up to 10km standard and could run 15 miles @ 10;30 pace
                            Got my long run in today! 12.5 miles at a 9:42 pace, and my avg HR was about MAF -5. Pace was 20 seconds faster than last Saturday, which was nice. On the flip side, I was pretty spent at the end. Thanks for posting about your Taiwan trip, Jimmy! I had taught English in central Taiwan about 15 years ago, and you brought back some good memories. I'm not a fan of stinky tofu either. Did you happen to see the betel nut vendors? Betel nut is like the Asian version of chewing tobacco. Nasty stuff Shocked
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                              Another good day. Overcast and crisp. I had the company of my son on his bike for about 3 miles. Overall: 5 miles - Avg HR 140 (MAF-10) - Max HR 156 very briefly. (I'm still learning to control the spikes. It takes a lot of concentration.) Avg: 12:13/mile I did a short bit of walking today to control the spikes. Lap 1: 11:52/mile Lap 2: 11:44/mile Lap 3: 12:36/mile (mostly uphill) Lap 4: 12:57/mile (mostly uphill) Lap 5: 11:54/mile (mostly downhill) Colbie Caillat on the Ipod after my son left. Big grin

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                                Compleat rest today. Spent the entire day watching TV. Taking a true sick day. HR still high, but feel better. --Jimmy