Low HR Training


Building volume for base (cycling) (Read 278 times)


    Could be running but just for specificity cycling.  (I am letting a calf heal for a couple of months so my running is walking Smile


    I was thinking, scheduling and thinking some more.


    My old base building was to do period scheme in which I would build volume for 3 weeks and then have a week of lower volume for recovery.

    It did work but then I was not tracking the aerobic progress like I will now and I kind of wonder how fast I can expect to increase volume before over training sets in.  The MAF test is the only answer but still curious.  I know I will get to 20 hours a week like I was doing in December as I was at the wall!


    Also, I plan on base building and just having fun all year and not worrying about racing.  So at some point, while I will do some 100 mile rides, I will limit my volume to around 3 hours for the long rides and likely mostly in the 1 to 2  hour range.  I do  a lot of training inside which is efficient and easy to track my MAF.


    The thinking part of the thread is this.  We are always told in order to improve we have to increase the work load.  That is we have to give the body a good reason to adapt.  So can you train at 2 hours tops and at the same HR for a year and expect to improve.  Nothing is changing right?  Wrong I think.  If my MAF tests are getting better without issue I am most certainly incrementally asking my body to perform at a higher level at a rate that it can handle.


    This is no gospel just my morning "cup-o-decaf" thoughts.


    Out for an hour WALK Smile 


    Over out.