Low HR Training


Phedippidations podcast episode on base building (Read 236 times)

    Episode 126 was a good treatise on base building. Best thing I took out of it was the statement...you will slowdown, but in exchange you need to give me more miles (time). Gets into some of the physiological aspects. This is a good podcast overall, but this was one of most educational of all. Was done by guest podcaster John Ellis who works at Bill Rodgers running center. You can find it on Itunes or at http://www.steverunner.com

      I just listended to episode 126 while running 10.8miles slow miles at MAF-5 bpm, 11:40mm. Nice episode, glad to finally hear someone talk about the benefits of low HR training. John Ellis did a great job summarizing the importance of a structured training program. It was nice to hear John mention how many of the "marathon greats" understood & accepted the "need to slow down in order to speed up". As a CR Refugee who has followed the MAF Training forum for a few years it was nice to hear someone else discuss the importance of low HR training. Its not easy to always train at slow pace in a world where most people like to brag about faster training pace or splits. However, as John pointed out that the Tortoise won the race (as the hare hit the LT threshold wall). It would be nice to hear a few more pod casts dig into the benefits of MAF training