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MAF training diet and thoughts on the 40-30-30 Chef diet. (Read 226 times)


    I've been doing alot of reading on diet, diets and the such. Mine has been horrible for the past few months, and I need (want) to lose 20 pounds by the end of august. Has anyone ever used the Chefs diet, what their results were as well as any negative experiences. Stu Mittleman speaks of the Zone diet by Sears, Dr Phil Maffetone uses the same concept, similar to Chefs however the Chefs diet puts (cronic) glycogen depleation into the equation. There is alsoa statement inthe Chefs diet of eating breakfast within 50 minutes after waking up? I usually do my long runs as well as short runs on an empty stomach, I thought this was training my body to use fat for its primary fuel....is this assumption wrong? Confused Any information or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated?