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    Recently, casual travel has placed me squarely on path of some exquisite multi-use trails.
    Swords Park Trail of Billings, Mt., for example is an award winning, sensational, 3.8 mile
    beauty overlooking the city from sandstone formations known as the "Rimrocks".
    Parallel to the airport access road, vistas from 500 + feet above the city are heavenly.

    The city of Jackson, Wy. featured a convenient 8 mile bike/walk trail linking Jackson Hole, Wy. Airport.

    Abundant fresh air, spectacular views, and the Teton Mountains serving as
    a backdrop, made this a most pleasurable experience.

    Finally, the city of Long Beach, Ca... What a pleasant surprise!
    Following a web search, I discovered a trail system that offered
    an 8.5 mile trek, connecting directly with the airport.
    Most impressive, here, was the Asian runner of some four foot ten inches, and seventy plus

    years, approaching in a rush. Barely having time to greet and pivot, my mouth agape, he

    neared the vanishing point.

    Questionable aerobic progress can easily be offset by experiences such as these.
    Endeavoring to remain a body in motion, I be


      100% agree!  I just wish there was a better way to find them.


      It seems hit or miss when I'm trying to find a route when I'm out on the road sometimes.


      Sounds like some great runs.

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      Can I be Frank

      Walk This Way...this way

        *Discovered this not long ago:

        If you click the "maps"  tab while doing a Google search,
        and then click "directions", this action will result in a
        city-wide view and a display of four icons. Each can be clicked
        in turn. They are:
        (1) car icon which allows for "point a to b" driving directions
        (2) bus icon which searches for public transportation
        info/timetables from point a to b.
        (3) pedestrian icon which displays suggested walking routes
        from point a to b.
        *(4) bicycle icon which when clicked (while having just the city
        map view displayed), will render a city-wide biking trail overlay.
        Repeated zooming/panning within this view will allow for increasingly
        more detailed images, and location information.
        _Seems to be a very user friendly.
        Panning the map and searching for rivers, bodies of water, etc. will
        often reveal real gems of run/bike trail systems along their boundaries.


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