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Running by Feel (Read 814 times)


    I tried the running by feel thing this morning. It wasn't intentional as my Garmin wasn't properly charged. I guess my computer has been sleeping too much lately.


    I did 4 miles and it was kinda fun. I betcha my hr stayed within the 110-125 range most of the time.




      More of the same but today on a treadmill. 6 miles @9:13 pace for just over 55 minutes. The last cycle of the display I took my HR off the bars and it was 133 which is MAF - 5.


      However, I was watching the US Open and golf is supposed to be soothing so there is that.

      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


      Beginner all over again

        I have a history of Running By Feel.


        It always feels so great out there, so I run more and run faster.


        Eventually, I'd run myself into shin splints and stop running altogether.


        For a season or two or three.


        And then I'd start jogging again.  And Run By Feel.

        Boy, doesn't that feel great? This is fun.


        And more fun and more fun, and more overuse symptoms or other minor injuries to sideline me.


        So, sure, I've done a lot of the Running By Feel   


        I like these modern days of Running By Data much better . 


          I look for elevated breathing, more perspiration, inability to sing a song, or a general anxious feeling.


          interesting - is this dependent on the person?

          when I move out of MAF up to MAF+10 and MAF+20, I don't notice a change in breathing or perspiration, no anxious feeling, the talk test would also pass.

          the only thing that would guide me is a very subtle, very slight overall strain.