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How to find your max HR (Read 4195 times)

Wasatch Speedgoat

    There are many ways to find your max HR....one is to go run a 5K race, then sprint the last half mile, look at your HRM and add 5. This is as close as you will get. Here is one that was given to me by a cycling coach/pro-triathlete/Olympic cyclist... -------------------------------------------------------- This test should be performed after a recovery day or day off to ensure the athlete is ready to put forth an honest and maximal effort. Warm up for 10 minutes. Then run strong and aerobically for another 10-20 minutes. Then jog easy for several minutes at 60-70%. Then complete 2 sets of: 10x(:10 @ 90-96% with :20 easy jog); 2:00 easy jog between sets. 90-96% HR is similar to a 3k-5k race, so you are running hard but not quite all out. You do not want to run all out on these short 10-second sprints. On the last repeat of the second set, instead of running at 90-96% for :10 you will run for 2:00 all out. For these 2 minutes, you are running as hard as you possibly can. At the end of the 2:00, watch your HR monitor to see where your HR peaks. Then add 5 beats to that. This is your working Max HR from which you can compute your HR zones. To compute your HR zones, subtract your resting from your max, take your percentages, then add back in your resting. So 186 MaxHR---50 Resting HR---find 70% of Max. 186-50=136 136X.70=95.2 95.2+51=145.2 (70% MHR)

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