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    I saw that we got a new member. Welcome. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

      The new member is probably me?   I signed up but saw that this is a low-activity and relatively quiet group.


      I grew up in Asia, and started Karate training while I was there.   For about 12 years I put a lot of time into Karate training, afterwards I stopped totally because work was too busy for me and I could not put time into it - I don't like to do anything half-heartedly.   Thirty some years of working day and night elapsed quickly, and then few years ago my small company was acquired by a larger company, since then I haven't worked as much and began to have time to do small, albeit reasonably steady, amount of running in order to stay in shape.


      Often I get an urge to resume karate again, but I am staring at old age now and don't think I can restart it and do well.


      I hope this group gets more activities.


      Cheers to everyone,


        The group hasn't been that active, but  stick with us. Hopefully it'll pick up as new members come in.


          And another one. Welcome, Vinno101. Tell us about your martial arts background.