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I just signed up for Wing Chun (Read 157 times)




    After a few years of not training, I found a Wing Chun school.  It's vastly different than kobudo and the classical japanese martial ways, but hopefully I can blend the two to be more rounded.


    Will keep everyone up to date on how it goes.


      So, did everybody Wing Chun tonight?

      Sorry. It was just too hard to resist. So is this:


      Seriously, how's the Wing Chun working for you?

        It isn't as intense as kobudo.  Maybe it's because of the school and its culture.  There are lots more people in the classes.  My old kobudo school had at most ten.  This one has 25 to 30 at times.  I haven't gotten any bruises yet.  My kobudo dojo had me black and blue by the second week.  


        From my two week experience (apply grains of salt), Wing Chun seems a lot like Chinese boxing.  It has little to no grappling.  It relies on speed through reaction conditioning and quick generation of power.  This style is probably where Bruce Lee learned a lot of his fighting philosophy, including the one inch punch.


        Still I feel I have a lot to learn from this school.  My kobudo training gives me insight on Wing Chun's strategy and basic fighting technique, like keep your hands up and always breathe. 


        How is your training going?






          My training is starting to pick back up. I took the attention off myself for the second half of last year as I was mostly focused on helping my wife train for her 2nd degree black belt. She earned it on December 11. I've been slacking off for a bit, but I've gotten back into gear the past few weeks. My fighting has really improved, but I still have a lot of work to do.