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Back to Back Marathons (Read 161 times)

    Anyone here run back- to-backs? I am attempting this right now, with my last one in Sept. '06, and my next one in 1 month, exaclty 5 months apart. I'm looking to run as many marathons as I can, continously training for them. I should mention that speed is not terribly improtant, especially since I am a Turtle (15 min pace) trying drop many pounds. I get the challenge from the distance. I recently found a Hal Higdon plan that allows as little as 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks betweeen the 26. 2 distances. Of course, I know I have to listen to my body and see how recovery is after each one. But I have to say, the immediatte recovery on my 2nd marathon was incredibly short comparred to the first one, perhaps because it was 100% dirt trai. I did, however, feel pain in my hips/lower back for up to 2 months after the trail, which I hadn't felt on the first (road) one. I am thinking of trying 3-4 months betweeen my next one, and see how that goes. I figure that there are ultrarunners out there going 20+ mile runs on a weekly basis. I know they are in far better shape than me (VO2 MAX, BMI, etc.), but could I do this, too? I really like the long distances.
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