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madness baby

    One down and looking to my second. Wow, did I really say that?! A girlfriend of mine wants to visit me and run her first marathon while she's out here. So, any advice on California marathons? I figure we've got Callie and Jennifer and some others who are out this way, and maybe others who have run some in southern California. I am doing a half at Long Beach in October. Then I think my girlfriend would want to come in Jan or February, when east coast weather is disastrous, which pretty much leaves the OC Marathon (Newport Beach) or the Surf City Marathon (previously Pacific Shoreline, in Hungtington Beach). Any experience with these, suggestions, or advice? (Advice in the are "are you crazy" category is welcome as well. I will be in the middle of a competitive job search, and it will either push me over the edge or keep me sane. Hard to know!)

      Go for it. I think Cali would be great. DB

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