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Training for Boston - but achilles acting up - probably need to change something in my training - but what? (Read 498 times)

    It's been a while since I've been in these cyber parts!! Hope all is well with everyone! I'm training for my 3rd marathon - and my first Boston! The last marathon I ran was ING Georgia 2008. Sometime during training for that I developed achilles tendinitis, but managed to finish training and ran the marathon in 3:31. But I had to take 2.5 months off to let it heal. I definitely do not want to have to do that again. Anyway, I slowly got back into running last summer and fall and my achilles was fine. It never got completely back to normal, but it didn't hurt either. Also, I saw an orthopedist who prescribed orthotics. So by the time December rolled around, I had pretty much regained my pre-injury fitness level, and I began to get back into marathon training mode. I'm up to 45-50 mpw now, and doing 2 speed work sessions per week - intervals on Wednesdays and tempo runs on Fridays. Well, 2-3 weeks ago, my achilles starting 'complaining' again. Not nearly as bad as last year, but I immediately took a week off, and that time off definitely helped. But now I feel like I really need to get back into training - I've only got 6 weeks before Boston. The thing is, I feel like what I was doing before was obviously too much for my 45 year old body (or at least too much for my achilles). So I'm trying to figure out what to do. I've been looking at Galloway's methods - never considered those before - but his methods might be a little easier on the body overall. He advocates mile repeats, and, notoriously, walking breaks, and very long long runs (up to 29 miles - but at very slow pace with walking breaks). I'm sure the merits of Galloway's program is a tired old subject - so I guess I'm not looking for a critique of that program. Mostly, I'd just appreciate some thoughts about how to continue reasonable preps for a marathon while at the same time not being overly strenuous so as to not screw up my tendon....Undecided

      Achillies issues are usually aggrevated by speed workouts I used to have problems with achillies until I had them replaced with steel cables. No issues last 2 years. When they would flare up I would ax the speed work. I would take Ibuprofen and most importantly I would give them the old heat / cold treatment at least 1x per day. I would fill 1 5 gallon bucket with 1/2 ice and 1/2 water the other 5 gallon buget with as hot of water that I could stand. 5 minutes icey then 5 minutes hot. I would keep microwaving more hot to keep it hot. I would repeat the process for 5 hot and 5 cold as I read the newspaper. The cold pushed the blood out and hot draws new blood into the injured area.

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        Again - Speed kills the injured achillies

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          I agree, get rid of the speedwork. I just got over problems with my achilles (hopefully) and would notice it would get worse any time I tried to add back in traditional speedwork. Also, watch the mileage, you may have to train on a little less, not as much as before but enough to get you race ready. Good luck! p.s. I also found heat works well, achilles is a part of our body that does not get good blood flow (why it takes so long to heal) so use the heat to stimulate blood flow.

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            +1 on the speed work being a killer. Try trigger point massage on the calf. Helped me greatly.

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