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Columbus Marathon (Read 193 times)

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    Hey Tuf, I have been seriously considering this marathon. The date works for me and I like the idea of doing another out of town race. I am away most weekends until Sept but would love to join you guys for some long runs when I can. Where do you meet ( I welcome to join you guys? : ) Where/when do you meet? P.S - Is anyone else planning on running this marathon? Dave
      For sure, any time. Bear in mind that we run out of Oakville (Sixth Line/Upper Middle area). I can send directions. It's a club, so there is a membership fee, but I have found it to be well worth it. Check out the site: We're running 12 miles on Sat, starting at 06:40. I'll miss the next week (on holidays in South Carolina). Jul 21 is ourfirst 'benchmark run'. They bill it as a simulated race, but really it is just another long run with tons of food at the end. Good times. A gang of us usually go for coffee afterward at a near by Starbuck's. Good group of folks. All skill levels. There are some awesome trails to run in Oakville. If I think of it, I'll send you a note from home tonight.
        By the way, there is a group in Training Groups called Columbus Marathon 2007. There are several members (maybe 7 or 8?). Join us.

        Go Pre!

          Dave, the Saturday long runs don't work for me so I will forgo joing up. I would however like to join you guys for your post run coffee so maybe we can arrange something. I will let you know what week I can get out there after you get back. I assume SC will entail some golf for you? We are heading to Arizona for 10 days at end of August beginning od Sept for some target golf...can't wait! cheers Dave