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Gah, so antsy! (Read 444 times)

    Im travelling to Vegas the week of the alleged marathon regardless. Lots of family coming out too. So, as much as Id love to make a 2nd trip--it isnt likely. I could do Last Chance for Boston one which is relatively local in February. 1 mile loop course, 26 laps.

    Go Pre!

      I am running Vegas this year...what's with the 'if they hold it'? Is there something I should know?
        I dont want to freak you out..but they havent secured needed permits. Devine still owes the city for last year, apparently. May be overblown..but heres a link to the thread. I was happier being oblivious myself.
          I would fish through that thread to find the pertinant posts..but I only have a couple minutes. The first post is the gist of it, and there was an update a couple days ago somewhere in the middle of the thread.