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    Is anyone running a HM prior to the big event, or doing any other types of races to get ready? I have the Trailbreaker Half Marathon on March 31st.
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      I'm running the La Jolla Half Marathon April 22...then the Rock n Roll Marathon on June 3.
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        For my 1st M I ran a half in April (Santa Cruz), and then the full in August (San Francisco). The first half marathon was a great confidence builder. I came out of it knowing I could run the 26.2.
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          No, there aren't any HM before the Chicago marathon here in NE Florida. Well, there is one the DAY before but, I don't think I'll do that one. Big grin But, I will be doing the two AFTER the marathon! Nothing but 5Ks in this heat. Dead


            I am doing a Juneau HM in Aug and a CA marathon in Oct.
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              I´m doing the Stafford half on sunday and Yyteri marathon on 19th may. I was thinking of doing another hm in 4 weeks but still undecided. I think it could mess my training up too much.

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                Well, I'll probably do the Philly Distance Run again in SEP. Baltimore mary, too. I'm thinking my "A" race is gonna be CIM in DEC.
                  I'm a first time marathoner planning on running Grandmas on June 16th. I would like to run a HM before, just to see if my pacing is steady, and help predict a marathon finishing goal. Like to hear what others think, but from I have read your training will allow you to finish - but if your aiming for a finishing time, then a HM prep would be beneficial. Do you have a time in mind?

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