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    Johnstown, PA marathon goes the beginning of October.  This year there were 58 of us.  We finished in a stadium.  As I approached a volunteer with a hand held radio called in my race bib number.  As I entered the stadium I heard, very loudly "Now entering the stadium..." and my name.  Way Cool!!   


    Ya' can't get that with a big marathon unless you are in the top 3 or 4, maybe. 


    Spinx Run Fest in Greensville, SC is smallish (about 1,300) but does the same thing.  I was the 99th finisher and they announced me as I entered the stadium. Even got my name right.  It's run the end of October.

    Boston 2014 - a 33 year journey

    Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

    He's a leaker!

      Kennebecasis Valley Challenge Marathon


      Is 21 people small enough?


      1, Chris Brake, M, 30, Saint John, 2:56:00

      2, Steve Lohnes, M, 52, Hampton, 3:12:33

      3, Graham Taylor, 36, M, Quispamsis, 3:19:10

      4, Jon Holt, 35, M, Fredericton, 3:24:45

      5, Luis Rubio, 49, M, Saint John, 3:26:59

      6, Daejin Kim, 51, M, Quispamsis, 3:28:13

      7, Joe Culligan, 48, M, Quispamsis, 3:28:40

      8, Maggie Johnson, 35, F, Quispamsis, 3:40:14

      9, Paul Hachey, 50, M, Rothesay, 3:42:00

      10, Sean Kelly, 40, M, Rothesay, 3:47:19

      11, Jerry Power, 55, M, Saint John, 3:56:24

      12, Philip McIntyre, 55, M, Quispamsis, 4:08:17

      13, Debbie Blais, 52, F, Rothesay, 4:11:41

      14, Kelly Burke, 43, M, Summerville, 4:16:37

      15, Judy West, 59, F, Charlottetown, 4:23:17

      16, Rick West, 66, F, Charlottetown, 4:24:25

      17, Philip Backman, 47, M, Rothesay, 4:26:23

      18, Stuart McLennan, 51, M, Rothesay, 4:29:31

      19, George Richardson, 66, M, Lower Brighton, 4:54:41

      20, Sara Richards, 30, F, Little Lepreau, 4:56:00

      21, Kim Banks, 50, F, Grand Bay- Westfield, 5:04:47  

        I did the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY the past September.  a couple thousand runners in the marathon.  Great race, well organized (it was their 35th year), flat and pretty fast.  And, it is in the Fingerlake area, so lots of options for post race wine tasting.  I totally recommend it.

        Sayhey! MM#130

          I loved Johnstown; pretty course, for the most part, and mostly downhill, but not harshly so.


          Always wanted to do Wineglass.


          Lots of folks say good things about Hartford.


          I love small marathons.  No standing around at the start forever, meaning you get more sleep in the am!


          Why not go to Marathon Maniacs and check out their calendar?  That's a pretty complete listing.


          Give us a sense of your top 5 or 10 and if we've done it, we can comment, if you'd like.

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