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Lyme's Disease! (Read 240 times)

One day at a time

    Just a warning to be hyper-vigilant about ticks this summer.  My 15-year-old son has had horrible abdominal pains and muscle weakness for the past several weeks.  He's 6-foot tall, but has gone from 184 pounds to 169 during that time.  They had already done 2 ultrasounds, 2 CAT scans, and 2 X-rays on him with negative results.


    The school nurse was the person who suggested we ask for a Lyme's test.  My husband took our son in to the ER at Maine Med on Saturday.  They were taking blood, anyway, so he requested the Lyme's test.  The doctor's response was, "Well, I really don't see that as a possibility, but we can always run it."  The ER nurse just called and said the results were positive!!


    When I called the school nurse to thank her, she said her daughter got it a couple of years ago, after having partial facial paralysis.  She said that now whenever she sees odd symptoms, she thinks of Lyme's. 


    So watch out for ticks, and always consider Lyme's as a possibility if you get sick and they can't figure out why.  Also, listen to nurses - we've gotten more good advice from them than from the doctors!


      Ugh, sorry to hear that!


      I had to go through the lyme treatment when I was a kid, which is thankfully much easier now (I had to do it again last year.)  Thankfully I never actually got sick with it.


      Here's a helpful article I wrote last year after finding a deer tick on me:

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      One day at a time

        Blaine, I'm glad you never got sick from it!

        Follow-up:  They did a second test (titre?), and it came back negative.  However these things work, the doctor's office said that means he definitely does NOT have it.  Now they think his stomach problems are all due to the acne medicine he took in February and March!  Arghh.