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    Anyone running this next weekend?  Anyone happen to be running it twice?  I'm training for a marathon, so I plan to drive to the end, run to the start, then run the race to get my miles in...curious if there are any other crazies out there? 

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      I bet you'll have a good amount of company jogging back to the start parking, Jamie. A good number of folks park at the Cape HS and jog back up Shore Rd, or all the way back to the start parking fields. Certainly can be a lot faster than waiting for the bus back if you get stuck in the bus lines at the Fort...

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        I recommend parking at the high school. Much easier to get in and out of than the finish line, provides a couple miles for a warmup and 3 miles for a cool down without having to wait for the buses (or more if you want to add in that extra loop.


        I won't be there this year; I'm running the Bradbury Breaker the next day and since I'm warming up with the scuffle course and cooling down with the bruiser course I don't want to spend the time racing on Saturday. 27-28 trail miles on Sunday is good enough for the weekend for me.

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          I will be there, but i will be towards the end!  I always park at the high school.

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            Hope all the B2B runners have good runs tomorrow.  If it's anywhere near the temps of today, I'll probably DNS.  I have a half marathon next day (Sunday), and if both are going to be 80F+ and humid, I don't want to end up death-marching the 1/2 from pounding to a jelly-legs B2B finish.


            Update...ran it. Good grief that was hot...thank goodness there was some breeze on the Shore Rd section. Was the start area extra crowded and stressed today, or was that just my impression?  Didn't they used to have the porta-potties face outward to keep the lines away from the road?

            I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

            One day at a time

              I forgot to post.  It was my first DNF.  I had digestive issues, to put it politely.  I had to use the portapotties before the start line (yes, they all used to face outwards), and then I had to use the one at the 0.25 mile mark!  I ran/walked to the two-mile water station, then decided it was stupid to continue, because I was feeling dehydrated.


              My running partner knew I was having issues, but she didn't know I stopped.  I asked the EMT if I could get a ride to the finish line.  I was picturing a golf cart or something.  Ha!  They put me in the ambulance that followed the very last runner, an elderly gentleman who wasn't even going at walking pace.  His finish time was 2:22.  I managed to find my friend - she was beside herself. She had gone to the info booth and the medic tent, but nobody knew anything.  She was really worried about me.


              If I had to do it over again, I would ask the ambulance driver to radio ahead and tell somebody at the info booth about me.  The guy was not friendly at all, or I would have.


              I also wrote a suggestion to the race organizers, that it be a policy for the finish line people to be notified of DNFers.