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One day at a time

    Blaine, are you running in this?  Anyone else?


    My 25-year-old nephew is coming up from Boston to run the 50K.  I knew he'd been running but had no idea he could go that distance!  He's not sure how he will do - he just wants to challenge himself.


    Do any of you veterans have any advice for him?  He's a good kid.

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      There were a few previous topics on Pineland which might have some helpful information...I was able to find this one.

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      One day at a time

        Thanks, Andy.  I knew it was hilly, but not to the extent you guys described it.  I really don't think our nephew is prepared for this.  He told me the reason he signed up for this particular race was that it has frequent aid stations in case he needs to stop!  Oh, well, it gives us a chance to see him.


          I haven't decided which race(s) I'll be doing yet. I originally wanted to do the 50 miler, but with my lack of training and how unenthused I was to run 3 out of 4 hours alone at the TARC 50k a few weeks ago, I don't really look forward to running almost 8 hours likely by myself out at Pineland. I'll probably run the 25k or 50k again, and maybe the barefoot 5k on saturday.


          This course is "easy" in that it isn't technical and there's no huge elevation changes. However, it's hard because there's nothing flat. Tell him to not go out too hard the first 3 miles which are mostly downhill, and to not be afraid to walk even on the first loop for some of the uphills. They're short, so he won't lose much time (since he probably wouldn't be running much faster than he can walk) but it saves a TON of energy.


          The aid stations are definitely frequent. It's a well organized event, lots of fun.

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          One day at a time

            Thanks, Blaine!  I will pass along your advice.  If I'm around that weekend, I'll come to the race.