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Stadium to Stadium anyone? - June 21 (SF Bay area) (Read 323 times)

    It goes towards raising health awareness to kids. Sounds like a fairly organized race. Has anyone done it or doing it this year? I'm planning on doing it. (It's a bonus that they have an alternative registration to using (sorry, a little soap-box announcement to support boycotting I'll stop).)

    2008 Goals: 10k < 44, HM < 1:40, learn to use my Garmin

      I haven't run it before, but I'm thinking of it. It works out well for me schedule-wise -- I'm not seeing a lot else in June or July that fits my schedule. And I have an affection for races that take me on less-popular routes.
        cool! I've got it marked on my calendar (oh, I should put it my RA training calendar) so we should at least meet up at the race if you decide to do it.

        2008 Goals: 10k < 44, HM < 1:40, learn to use my Garmin

          Karen, did you do it? I just signed up last week, and did it. Ugh! What was it, 85 degrees at 9 am????? Still, pretty cool finishing right on the field in Candlestick -- I just wish I hadn't been so wiped by the time I got there. I want my summer fog back!! ETA: The official results are now posted, and I got a 1:01:20. I know from the splits on my watch, that every single mile was slower than the last. Tongue I think if it hadn't been for the heat I would have broken 60, which is my goal. Anyway, I did beat Dean Karnazes, who finished around 1:12, woo-hoo! Yes 'Course, it appears from the results that he was running it with his ten-year old son. Blush
            This looked like it would have been fun to do. I understand about the heat, though. I am a real low-temp-lover runner, and slow down significantly once it gets above 65 degrees. Great job, though, Anne!
            Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado