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Anyone running on Baytrail in mid-peninsula ? (Read 112 times)

    Anyone running on the Baytrail ?   I run from San Mateo Bridge to Oracle.  I would imagine some would be on the same stretch of the trail and I might have met you from time to time.



      Not me, I'm usually over the hill on the Coastal Trail in Half Moon Bay.  Heading out in a few minutes to meet up with the Coastside Running Club.

        Sorry, I haven't been checking user groups in a while.


        Yes, I run the bay trail most week days right after work, around 3-5pm range. I'm 3/4 mile from the trail where it passes under the San Mateo bridge. I generally go north (really west) from there and return. If I go as far as Coyote Point, it's 10 miles round trip. More often I go about 5 miles total.


        These past 2-3 weeks have been about as windy as I've ever seen. That section by the kite surfers is insane - pushed to a standstill on bad days north, and shoved coming back. I've never really been pushed from the wind from behind before.


        I'm 5'10" male and wear a baseball cap - have you seen me?


          Hello Norm,


          Thanks for the note. 


          I always run during the mornings around 9 - 10 a.m.   Afterwards I drive down south to work.   I start work late and usually need to work till late evening on numerous conference calls with our engineering and business teams in the far-east (time-zone difference).  


          It is always a nice run because the trail isn't crowded at all during that hour.  


          Yes it has been windy recently.