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How did your races go? (Read 182 times)

    How did your races go stfuandrun and kencamet? I ended up bailing on any racing Embarrassed and just doing a long run in Quicksilver this am. I figured that I need to at least "train" some for the 25K. I've been in new mileage territory (60mpw) and it is wearing me out a little so I had to be honest with myself and realize that I wasn't up for racing. Hoping to meet both of you sometime in the future, though.
      Sometimes in your training foregoing speed work and doing long distance will set you up for a higher peak later on. As you know, I did the Great Race this morning and did a 24:59 - official time. I was shooting for anything sub-25 - how's that for satisfying but not exceeding?! I'm very happy as the last of the 4 miles was 5:51. I also feel it was very, very, beneficial to have pre-run the course yesterday. Jim24315 was there and had a good race as well.
        Wow. Very good time. And good pre-planning. Congrats to you and Jim. Don't you love the way the race directors nearly *always* say the course is "flat" and "fast" when there is a huge hill buried somewhere in the middle? Wink

        Lush Extraordinaire

          Nice job! I'm not nearly as fast, but I'm equally pleased with the result of my 10k. I ended up beating my old 10k PR by almost a minute.

          5k - 23:30

          10k - 49:00

          Half - 1:48:34

          Full - 4:01:28


          Working toward hip nirvana.

            Nice to get a PR, espcially a 1 minute PR. Congrats!