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Turkey Trot (Read 62 times)

    Hi everyone,

    A group of us are meeting at the Easley Y at 8:00 tomorrow morning to run together.  We plan to run the one mile to the start of the Christmas Cruise 5K, run the 5K route and the 1 mile back to the Y for a total of 5 miles.  If you don't want to run that far you can easily cut off some of the 5K route.  I'm sure there will be different paces so you could surely hook up with someone.  Please plan to be there a little early as we hope to START RUNNING AT 8:00AM!  Hope to see you all there Smile

      Hope you had a good run...

      i'm in Memphis.  9 hour drives with 3 little kids are really neat.


        9 hours to Memphis is great time with 3 little ones. I usually would add one hour to every 3 hours of driving time.


        Can't make the run due to work


          Hope you all had a fun run.  We trotted in downtown Gville this morning.  Already very festive.  Starbucks was open and it was hoppin'!


          Enjoy Memphis, Josh!  Hope you are going to take the opportunity to run outside while you are there.  Put on your Elvis playlist and go run by Graceland.

           - itri - 

            We had a group of 8 or so run it, such a beautiful morning...SERIOUSLY Josh...that 5K route is a tad HILLY!!!!

              Cindy, think of it as an adventure.... across the rocky mountains....

              besides a hilly race benefits people like you with strong legs!

              People with weak chicken legs like me and traci weisner will struggle


              traci, I got to do a decent run yesterday outside, which was really nice.

              tomorrow I'm going to the local Y for at least a couple hours.  It's a nice one too!!

              (Saline pool & a big cardio area where you don't have to wait for a treadmill)