Thyroid Q and A or Running Hot and Cold


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    hello all,

    i'm relatively new to a low thyroid problems.  actually, i've known for about a year and kept getting my levels done about every two months to see how i was doing.  my tsh is about 3.3 and has been as high as 5.6.  i was training really hard at it's peak and never really felt bad, so my doctor and i decided to monitor my levles.  recently, although my levels havent climbed, i feel very sluggish.  i kind of have that "brain fog", don't feel rested on a full nights sleep and have begun to gain weight.  i just don't feel like myself.  my doc finally said i needed to see an endo which i'm heading to in about 2 weeks.


    i guess i'm worried about the medication and how i will respond.  i know it is a work in progress and i feel like i need to start.  i'm just wondering if anyone else was hesitant and I am to possibly start with synthroid?  once your levels were better, did your running feel better? any thoughts would be great!

      Hello. In answer to your questions, when I was diagnosed 26 years ago, my overwhelming fatigue was so bad (and obviously so memorable) I had absolutely NO hesitation starting Synthroid.  I soon felt better and have been on it ever since.  My running experience is definitely better when my energy level is up.

      Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

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        Hi: Welcome to this board.  There is a lot of support from some very knowledgable and experienced people.  And the support is overwhelming; everyone has lived this in their own unique way. 


        The thing about hypothyroidism that I have learned and I am only two years since diagnosed, is that the experience continually evolves.  For instances, after first starting medication, my prescription was for a generic synthroid medication.  Initially, I had a good result; felt great; numbers looked good, but then my body shot back to hypo and it crashed back down.  It was a real blow; its hard to feel so tired all the time, frustrating and sometimes I even get mad at myself, wondering if I am just being lazy or imagining it.  So, my medication was adjusted so I take only Synthroid and not the generic substitute.   That has helped, but still we are tinkering with the prescription based on blood test results. Its a whole process and its helpful to have this board to come too.   Complaints, questions, whining, looking for encouragement or just to brag about a good run, its all open for discussion here.


        If, and when you start medication, it still takes quite a few months to see improvement.  But you will have noticable improvement.  Everything will be stronger, from just your cruising around the house energy to your runs. 


        Welcome and good luck!