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Moaning Monday (Read 36 times)


    Good morning, everyone!  And happy Monday!


    I got to do a stuttering 4.5 miles on roads yesterday.  I say stuttering because there were plenty of slower moments and walk pauses.  Ugh.  I have a Dr. appt for Wednesday to try to find out what is wrong with my stomach.  This is getting very frustrating.  But at least the sun was out for yesterday's run and there was no ice on the ground.  I'm glad to have gotten out as I really haven't been able to run much lately.


    QOTD:  Are you getting any spring-like weather where you live yet?

    running under the BigSky

      looks like the Montana folks are up and at 'em Big grin


      hope you're feeling better soon


      had a tough run yesterday due to weather- 25 mph winds w/ gusts to 35 mph Shocked, then I slipped on some ice on a stream crossing and jammed my finger pretty bad (black & blue this morning)


      weather will be better today- highs mid-30's, sunny and much less wind- have a 6 mile run planned in the hills


      qotd: no and if we don't get some in the next month or I'm headed to Pennsylvania and going on a long woodchuck hunt!  Big grin

      Le professeur de trail

        I went to the gym this morning - 4 miles on some sort of speed stuff followed by a core workout.  I missed any decents runs over the weekend.  Hopefully this coming weekend I can get back on board  with it.  I have some tough runs planned.


        mtwarden - come to my house (I'm in PA) and you can kill my groundhogs - oh wait you were referencing Phil.  But you can still kill ours - we have too many.

        sugnim - hope your stomach thing works out for the best.


        trailncocktails - I read your blog from this weekend.  VF is my old stomping grounds.  I was not trail running at the time though - I would run the paved loop and hike some of the trails.  Nice pictures.  I may have to pay a visit to my bro (who lives nearby) just to get back to VF.  Thanks for sharing.


        QOTD: uh - no!


        Have a great day!

        The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



        Wandering Wally

          140 minutes yesterday.  Freezing rain was making things icy (and dicey) towards the end.


          QOTD - No!

          Run!  Just Run!


          Trail Runner Nation Podcast

            Morning all,


            I surprised myself yesterday and was able to run a trail 25K, albeit quite slowly (came in just under 4 hours).  I didn't run at all until Saturday, where I got in just over 2 hours.  Everything felt fine during both runs, although my legs started getting pretty achy yesterday about 8 miles in.  Still, I managed to beat several folks who hadn't run 100 miles the weekend before!  SRD for me today.


            qotd: we've had an extremely mild winter, so I guess you could say it's spring-like.

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            Occasional Runner

              Couldn't sleep last night. I finally managed to drop off at 1:30 but woke back up at 3:30. Too many things banging around in my head. I got suited up for 7 miles. It'll be an easy week leading up to Moab Red Hot.


              QOTD: The temps have risen above freezing a couple of times, but otherwise, we're still very much trapped in winter.


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Good Morning,


                Taking a rest day today, my legs are fried. I got in some wonderful 6.5 miles in the snow yesterday. But my legs were burning even as I was just walking up the stairs in my house to wake up the children this morning.


                Fairly nice weather, the freezing rain went somewhere else, and the sun is out, peeking over some very low-hanging thick clouds. The mountain is calling my name, but I'm not listening today! Black eye


                sugnim: Sounds like a more serious stomach thing. Hope they'll find out what it is soon, and you'll get better speedy quick!


                warden: Ice is dangerous... Hope your finger is not broken, or some tendons ruptured!


                Jamie: Great morning workout!


                smith: Nice weekend run!


                EDRW: You're an animal!


                lace_up: If it wasn't you, I'd guess pre-race jitters - hope you won't need to take too many naps throughout the day!


                QOTD: It is warmer, compared to the last few days, something like early spring. I am hoping the trend will continue, I'm ready!


                Enjoy the jump into the new week, trailers!

                Run for fun.

                  I didn't run at all until Saturday, where I got in just over 2 hours.  


                  Ummm... make that 2 MILES Blush

                  Upcoming races: 1/9 Bridle Trails 50K, 1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K, 2/14 My Better Half, 3/5 Dupont Trail Marathon, 4/2 Umstead 100

                  Ultra Cowboy

                    QOTD :  Sunny and clear.  Still Freezing overnight.  Not our normal Winter.  Colder and clearer than usual.  We need more rain.


                    Will do 10 tonight on the road I reckon..




                      Happy Monday.  SRD today for me.  I have to move furniture and appliances out of the kitchen to get ready for a new floor that's going in tomorrow.  Does that count as XT?


                      EDRW - Where's the RR?


                      QOTD:  Ice on sidewalks and trees here this am, so whats this Spring thing!


                        6 on the TM at lunch today.  Legs, feet still sore from running through snow drifts yesterday - I think I'm going to whine about that for a few more days.


                        QOTD:  no way.


                          Just crawled out of bed after working the past two nights, now for a short 4.5 mile run to work on some speed work.


                          sugnim: I've been so busy that I forget what details you may have posted about your stomach problems. I had started with a lot of belching and pressure about a year and a half ago. My Dr thought that it was gastric reflux. Zantac helped me some, then the Dr talked me into going onto Prilosec which I did. That was pretty much the end of my problems until recently. I switched back to the Zantac to use up some that I still had and the bloating, pressure and belching started again, but only when I was running. Don't know if this helps or not.


                          mtwarden:  As far as coming to Pa to catch up with the weather predicting rodent goes, your time is running short. If we don't get some spring weather by the end of this week I'm making a trip to his burrow to have a chat with him, and I will be taking the shotgun along!!! Evil  And since I'm only 150 miles from his place you'll have to hurry to beat me.


                          QOTD: No spring weather around here, although I can't really complain about the weather so far this year.


                            I'm still taking things slow and will likely take a SRD today.  I have to pack this evening for my mini-vacation to Abu Dhabi to crew for my DD next weekend.  Yes I will be bringing my running stuff.  She is already over there with the other US rider and the horses, having a great time.


                            qotd:  yes still winter here, yesterday it was 75* and today will be "colder", about 65*.

                            Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7

                              SRD for me. Last week was tough and my legs are happy to rest today Smile


                              Boyjame - Thanks for reading. It was a fun day, and it helps that the weather was perfect - sunny and mid-30's. Let me know if you ever come back here and I can show you some of my favorite trails!


                              QOTD: Not really. We had one week in January that was in the 50s which was crazy, but the next week was REALLY cold. Today is warmer and rainy, but still winter.

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                                Sandy - safe travels.  Is there anywhere we can follow DD's results online?  If not, update us, and pictures, please.


                                T&C - nice pictures yesterday.  I did my neurology post doc in Philly, and ran the trails of the VF area a few times.  Afterwords, we would stop at some Japanese steak house in K of P (the Kobi, I think) and refuel with the lobster and filet surf and turf plus a few drinks.  Oh yea, I did have time for lecture and clinic work.