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    Morning folks,

    Got in 4 hilly miles on the trail yesterday.  Did a good roll on my ankle on one of the only flat sections.  It was a beautiful weekend here and the traffic on the trails showed it.  That's ok-- I figure the more people use their parks, the more likely they are to appreciate them (and work to protect them).  It's starting to heat up here, so it will be mostly a rest day-- strength at the gym.


    qotd:  Any goal races coming up?  I'll admit, am looking for inspiration here.  After taking it easy for the past 4 months due to injury and sloth, I am working towards some fall races, but nothing decided yet.

      Marley and I had a very pleasant 4 mile trail run this morning.


      QOTD: No upcoming races for me, only a mountain bike tour in Idaho.  I am really looking forward to that though.  Riding, camping, fly fishing, and soaking in hot springs should be a great way to spend a few weeks though.  I leave sometime in the next couple weeks depending on the snow pack.


      Tallahassee, Florida


        Morning trail joggers,


        Storms all around here so I slept in a bit. Just doing some core and elliptical now. I'll take my running stuff with me and hopefully hit the IAT after I serve my time today. Could be a mud run! 


        QOTD-  No goal races for me anymore. Couple 5k's in the woods in June and then a short trail triathlon near my cabin that I did last year.  There is nothing long anymore in my future.


          SRD for me.


          DC - bummer about the ankle roll - I find that happens when I least expect it.


          QOTD:  Trail 10k this weekend, part of a series and hoping to do better than the first race a couple of weeks ago.  Some other short-ish races this summer every few weeks to keep me motivated.  Toying with R2R2R in the fall, which would motivate summer mileage.


            SRD today.  My legs are liking the rest.


            Been a good training stretch for me this spring/summer leading up to Bighorn.  The BH100 is in 2.5 weeks.  I did that 50 miler in early April and then long stuff in April consisted of two more B2B 20 weekends.  In May I did long stuff that included 50k and 27 mile training runs and then two more B2B 20 weekends.  I've also included mid-week longish runs in the 10 mile range and then periodic episodes on the stair climber.  Sprinkled among that were a bunch of 5 milers and of course my favorite, rest days.  My last longish run will be towards the the end of this week, a 17 or 18 miler I guess.  Just a typical jogger.


            I did about half the weekend stuff with a running friend of mine who will also be doing the BH100.  Nice to have company, he doesn't do the B2B's though.  While we were just finishing up the 20 miler yesterday my friend declared "I think we're ready".


            qotd: see above.

            Arkansas Traveler - Oct 7


              Today is a scheduled rest day, but I may do something anyway. I wrenched my back pretty good on Thursday or Friday, not sure which day it got screwed up. Then, I ran 6 hours yesterday, but 35 minutes of that was sitting at a picnic table talking and drinking a beer. I was planning 8 hours, but a lightning storm hit halfway through my 4th loop, and I dogged it off at a marathon. I have run in bad weather many, many times. But I can't remember ever being so completely soaked through as I was yesterday. It was horrendous. Some good things happened, though. I had a decent run, despite my back. I am more confident in Tailwind working for a full 100 miles if I increase my mixture to make it work out to 250 calories per hour. I was running on 200 yesterday, which was fine for about 3 hours. Some bad things happened, too. I had to hike a little more than I wanted to, maybe because of my back. The course has 900 to 1000 feet of gain in a little over 6 miles, which is hillier than most of the runs I have on a daily basis, and it is much more technical. But, the runs out to 3 hours I have had recently have been quite fast and pretty easy, even with humid conditions. As such, I think I may be in better shape than my run yesterday suggests. I am hoping my back heals up fairly quickly, and I can take another crack at this course later this month.


              QOTD: Pinhoti in November is the only thing I have going on.



                SRD today.  After my rum yesterday, rode total of 35 miles in DC to and from the stadium to see the nationals.  Time to get my ass in shape for biking, and I mean that  literally.


                QOTD:  DS and I are doing a fast packing adventure in a few weeks, after that I have a 2 long solo adventures planned for the summer, but no structured races until Labor Pains.

                running under the BigSky

                  riding the bike to work today and strength training this evening; my weekend runs went pretty well- I'm able to put a little pressure on the heel w/ every run, actually it's starting to feel like running again Big grin


                  qotd: have a race this weekend (Pengelly Double Dip), 13 miles w/ over 3000' of some steep gains; have at least one race/month throughout the summer

                  Gator eye

                    Rest day.



                    QOTD: I decided to go for my first 100m race this fall and before I knew it I signed up for a couple 50m races as training runs for the 100.



                      QOTD: I decided to go for my first 100m race this fall and before I knew it I signed up for a couple 50m races as training runs for the 100.


                      Wise move.



                      Endless trails

                        SRD for me to. Too bad bc it's a beautiful day here in Mass. I feel like skipping out on work

                        and playing outside. Stupid job.


                        QOTD: I have a 50K in Aug and a mountain marathon in July.


                          Rest day today as I start the taper. Good thing as I banged my left knee pretty good on a rock Saturday. A direct hit to the kneecap. Still managed to finish the run and get a short 7 miles in yesterday. Ice intervals on tap today and a dog walk later with the missus and the beasts.


                          QOTD: Laurel Highlands 70.5 mile ultra in less than 2 weeks. For some stupid reason I think my CR 16:11 time is a possibility but I am likely being delusional. I was lighter, faster, and better trained back then, but then again a bit clueless about running so long.

                          In dog beers, I've only had one.

                          Occasional Runner

                            Good morning, people!


                            I opted for some beach walking miles today while fueling myself at regular intervals from random beach bars along the route. I think this will work very well for my recovery, because I'm feeling pretty good.


                            QOTD: I don't have any lofty goals until fall, where I have a couple of races that I have a shot at winning. Everything between now and then will be for training and adventure.


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                              Morning all!


                              Planning on doing some cycling after work with some running miles to boot.  I installed a pull up bar last week, so lots of those every time I pass max when I ifirst got it was 13 pull-ups, yesterday my max was 16!  I started watching the new season of "American Ninja Warrior" which has inspired some extra upper body/core work.  If I had space to build a course I don't think I would be doing much trail running .  Also I started watching "Boundless" which is about a couple of guys who compete in various endurance episode tomorrow if anyone has interest.


                              QOTD: Manitou's Revenge...54 miles, judging from the course and last year's results, I think breaking 16 hours would be an accomplishment for me (~3.25 mph) (yeesh)

                              6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                              A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man



                                Morning all!


                                SRD for me as I ran the last 3 days. Legs are feeling pretty good after my 50 miler, just a bit fatigued.


                                QOTD: Next up for me is Speedgoat 50k. Only goal is to do better than last year.