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Cedro Peak 45 mile Cliff Notes (Read 38 times)


    Fought with my stomach for 41 miles and thought about dropping more often then not, good thing I am a stubborn Irishman. I kept challenging myself to make it to the next aid station until I had no choice to finish. Finished in 11 hours flat with my kids by my side so that made my day. I learned a lot over the course of the day and will make adjustments for my next race. I'll write more later.


    Adam rocked the 45k!

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      That race is hard.


        Congrats dpc3!!!  I think stubbornness is a highly underrated "skill" in this crazy sport of ours.

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          Woo hoo!  Nice job, Dan!  Sometimes stubbornness is the only thing that gets you to the finish line.


            Nice job, Dan.  Cool to finish with the kids.


            +1 to stubbornness not necessarily being a bad thing.  Short memory helps as well.


              Congratulations! Glad the whole family was there for you...I'll bet your kids will brag about you!


                Way to stick it out, Buddy.


                  Nice job grunting it out...Oh Danny boy!

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                    Great job to tough it out to the finish line, congratulations! Stubbornness, and some tunnel vision during the race, are not necessarily bad in such a situation!

                    Run for fun.


                      Wow, great job to you for toughing it out.  Why oh why is the stomach always a beast on race day?


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                        Nice work!!!! Stomachs suck!!!

                          Way to tough it out,nice job! Sometimes you just need to do whatever it takes, even if that includes being stubborn!