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Faster Than Your Couch!

    Hey Harrier, that sounds like me. - when I broke my wrist inline skating at a kid's birthday paarty, I had my 2-year old and my 6-months old DS's climbing all over me, while I was fighting hard not to pass out. They thought Mom on the floor was playing some fun game. :-( And then there were about 12 6-year olds crowding around me, asking me with big eyes what had happened. Ouch! But some old story to make you feel better, many years ago, my sister and me did "acrobatics" on her bike. Inevitably, we fell, and my sister punched herself in the stomach with the handlebar. She got away with a huge, black-purplish bruise, and fortunately no internal injuries, so that we could keep this accident from our parents' records. ;-)

    Run for fun.



      DD1: I just learned that my running buddy Stephen attempted the Rothrock today and badly injured this leg. He might have ruptured his Achilles tendon - on that first very steep stretch up to the Fire Tower.

      Are you planning on coming to do the Eager Seeger HM on June 22 (part of the Tussey Teaser Series)?


      Sorry to hear about your buddy's injury. That's early in the race but at least it's a little easier to get back out to get help then some of the other parts of the course.


      I'd love to come up on the 22nd, but unfortunately I work that day. That's been the story all this year for that series. Hopefully I'll have some better luck with it next year.




        I never get any sympathy from DW. 


        I broke my wrist in Mexico riding a Quad.  DH were you driving too I was following you?.....DH friend, it's just dislocated let me fix if....pull yank no still painful...ride Quad one handed back to camp...finally decide to take me emergency room here I start to get nervous (we are in Mexico).  DH "knock it off!" I never get sympathy either Norther.



        Went was hot and the water and beer cool.

        08/05/17 Sierra Crest 50K

        08/19/17 Marquette Trail 50K Miler


        running under the BigSky

          I finished the Pengelly no worse for the wear, heel held up fine.  Two and a half months of no running assured me of a slow time, which turned out to be accurate.  I was hoping to get within 10 minutes of my time last year ( which was none too fast to begin w/), I was close @ 15 minutes


          qotd when I worked as a backcountry ranger I often helped out hikers w/ grub even occasionally let them stay at one of the cabins in bad weather