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    The pooch and I had a great 11 mile trail run this morning. I found a dollar, saw two beavers, saw some interesting waterfowl, met a couple guys with huge backpacks who said they were training for the AT, and met two pretty girls.



    So to sum up, you met two pretty girls, saw two beavers and ended up a dollar ahead. Big grin  Sounds like Vegas.


      I chickened out last night and went for a walk instead of the planned 8 miler. I was just feeling a little down so I decided to gorge on beer and food at a favorite resturant called Dish. Im gonna make it up today with a 7 mile trail run at lunch today.


      QOTD: One of my co workers is getting into running lately to loss a little weight, last week I took him to a local trail. Although the trail was easy and relatively flat he seemed to enjoy it, I almost feel evil trying to convert him to the dark side...

      Ultra Cowboy

        Tonight will be a picnic/BBQ at the Local park to celebrate the first day of Spring after an easy run around the lake.


        I've taken my youngest on a short hike when I was injured or sick, as my compadres were doing a training run.  She enjoyed running back down the trail...Hoping I planted the seed there.


        Took a friend who is an avid triathlete, and cyclist on a hilly trail run and it didn't stick.


        I don't do much trail proselytizing since I have such a large group of trail junkies to draw from, that I don't have to corrupt any new ones.




          I was planning on a short road run today but my calf muscle is bothering me so I think I'll stick with an Elliptical workout. Since my elliptical changes elevation I get actually get in a pretty good hill climb workout without stressing my calf as much.


          QOTD: I tried to get my daughter interested and I think she would like it. The problem is that she wants someone to go with her and I'm the only one who she knows that runs or hikes so she rarely goes out. DS likes it as well and was thinking about doing another race with me this spring but it didn't quite work out. I can see him starting to run more trails in the future, especially if he would find a young lady that also enjoyed trails Cool. DW has also tried it and likes to do some hiking and would be interested in shorter easier races but kind of gets tired of the rocky, rooty, messy PA trails. So at this point it's been a mixed bag for me.


            So to sum up, you met two pretty girls, saw two beavers and ended up a dollar ahead. Big grin  Sounds like Vegas.


            I had a feeling that someone would rephrase it that way.  Smile


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            Irish Luck

              Running 8 with the mister outside last night was glorious (thank you DST) and I'm itching to get back out there ASAP, but I do need to get some weights in. So, maybe it'll be a toss up of inside/outside tonight.


              QOTD: Yes, we've always encouraged others to join us at some of our races. We've added a few to the "dark side" (hehehe) permanently, and others who have been so shocked by the experience that they decided to avoid running altogether.   Evil

              BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

              I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.


                I'm not sure what's in stock for me today running wise. I'd like to get a long run in as it's been a while. I have to head into work to help a coworker finish a project that's time sensitive. It's only for a few hours but I feel like its thrown my day off.


                QOTD: I haven't been able to introduce anyone to trail running...yet. But I was introduced to it not long ago. It was July when I was recruited to run a "race" 3.43K in all my fire gear with the fire dept and when I came in first my Lieutenant realized I liked to run so she drug(dragged? Smile) me along on a 5.5 mile trail run. I had never run on a trail, and my longest run at the time was 5 miles which took me 1:10:00. There was a portion of the trail that was a slight down hill and "swooped and swayed" and it literally put a huge smile on my face. Ever since I've been addicted. Just the other day I ran 8 miles in less time it previously took me to run 5. I'd love to be able to give this "gift" to someone.


                TrailsandCocktails- I read through some of your blogs posts and I can totally relate. It's a good read!

                  Went to a new (for me) park and ran/explored for 10 miles. Then stopped at girlfriends work and took her to Chinese buffet for lunch, now I feel blah.....


                  QOTD only introduced myself to trails, but so far so good!


                    5+ on the TM at lunch.


                    QOTD:  Nope.  Trying to keep the trails a secret.


                    Faster Than Your Couch!

                      Finally, I got to explore a new trail. I had been wanting to scout it already a few weeks ago, but could never make it over the mountain by car to go there because of the ice (and it would be a 22+ mile run just to get there).


                      It was an epic run. First 3 miles up the mountain, 1350 vert ft, then some downhill, and back on mostly non-technical sections. I cut the loop short by about 3 miles, so it was something around 8 miles or so, but I know now what the rest is probably going to be like, and the trails I ran were just beautiful. Scenic, great to run, not too steep, but still challenging. I am sure I'll go there again to run, even though it is quite a drive.


                      Glad I got out there early, later on, there were some snow squalls, whereas while I ran, it was pure sunshine and warmth (35F, and quite windy in some places). Except for the feet, which had to go through several creek crossings, swampy stretches, and a stream crossing. They were a bit frozen, but still ok. Which reminds me, better get some smartwool winter socks while they are on sale!

                      Run for fun.

                      running under the BigSky

                        6.5 miles in the hills, pretty decent pace (for me anyways Big grin)


                        qotd: my wife is starting to run trails (and enjoying them!) and I got my boss started a couple of months ago

                          My hamstrings are really tight today after the intervals yesterday, so my planned easy run became a 4.5 mile recovery trail run. They never really loosened up while running, but they do feel better now so I am hopeful I'll be mostly recovered tomorrow. Not that it really matters, as long as they are feeling better by Saturday. I have a 27 mile race.


                          qotd: I have tried, but most of my friends are crossfit junkies and, while they like Tough Mudders, I can't seem to convince them that they would have more fun if they actually trained to run trails a little.

                          Pinhoti 100: Finished :D


                            I ended up doing 10 road miles yesterday. Thankfully I'm starting to feel strong again after my hip snafu, but right now this is my long run, working my way back up. The rest of the week brings trails though, yay!!