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    But of course!  The shirt is a race shirt, but I like the fact it matches too Wink


    DW has a Nathan pack that would have matched your shirt perfectly.  I should have hooked you too up.


    Here is my favorite UA comfy shirt.  DW, as always, is a match.  Even her handheld matched her vest and shirt, and she was just crewing for me this day.



      qotd: You're asking the woman who specifically ordered gaiters to match her skirt?  Big grin  (That said, I also make sure I'm comfortable).


      And your tattoos match your running ensemble!  Smile  good work!

      Ultra Cowboy

        Last night was on the Schedule as a Tempo run for 10 miles....I amended that to be  a speed work out on a 1/2 mile loop totaling 2.5 mi.  Then a 15 minute drive to a park trailhead for a faster than normal night trail run of 6.75 miles...I tripped 4 times and fell twice on the run so I was definitely pushing "comfortable".


        We had a couple of speedy youngsters pushing the pace on us and I was bringing up the rear for the majority of the time.  I was glad when on one section of the trail, Shawn ran up on a skunk scurrying along.   Mr. Stinky stayed ahead of us in the trail for a good quarter mile until we took a branch of the trail.  I think that skunk thought WE stunk.  I guess we were lucky he had good cardio and didn't feel the need to stop and defend himself.



        My purchased running gear is all black and dark blue.  I usually wear tech shirts from training groups with the store name on them, or race shirts.  Not a lot of thought about colors matching needed...




        Endless trails

          Good luck to all the Red Hot racers tomorrow, hope someone grabs some good

          pics. Between RA and FB sounds like about a dozen folks from our little community,

          how cool!


          SRD for me, still working my way back up to 5 day/45 mile weeks after a layoff.


          QOTD: Funny question. Between my lime green Asics, red race shirts and bright orange

          shirts and jacket it's impossible to worry about how I look. I'm reminded how goofy I

          actually look when I see race pics. Fuck it, it ain't a fashion show. 


          Faster Than Your Couch!

            8.6 miles on tricky trails. Imagine a very rocky, steep, technical trail, glazed over with a layer of solid ice, and covered in 6-8 inches of heavy snow. While uphill, this made for some slips and a lot of hard work, the downhills were a mix of fun and horror. Once I had to hug a big tree to save myself from going over the edge and down into the creek some hundred feet below.


            But, I was the first one to cut my tracks into the snow for most of the run, save for lots of big and small animal tracks.


            Now it's off to packing for the weekend. Family trip to Maryland, yay!

            Run for fun.


              6 on the TM at lunchtime.  Looking forward to getting outside on the trails this weekend.


              QOTD:  when I'm shopping, yes, I care how it looks.  When I'm dressing, I just grab whatever's on top because it all matches and it's all cool.

                Good luck to those going to Moab!!


                I got 5 on asphalt yesterday. Really felt like I was just lurching along. Couldn't get relaxed like I do on trails. Then I took off my shoes for the last mile and everything felt right again... if only my feet could handle more than a mile barefoot!


                Today I ran my long loop ~ 9miles. Since there was no one there mountain biking, I decided to run it in the opposite direction. It definitely feels harder going clockwise. More uphill at the end, and the second half has more rocks.


                qotd:  My non-running clothes are all pretty subdued, but for some reason I am attracted to really bright running gear. I generally just put on whatever shirt and shorts I get hands on first, unless they match, then I try again. I just can't leave the house in a hot pink tee and hot pink shorts.


                edited cause I can't spell

                Pinhoti 100: Finished :D

                  Either 5 quicky after work or 6 on the TM when I get home.  Beautiful day out and can't wait for 3 goregous weekend runs.


                  QOTD:  Yea I care a little.  I've been trying to buy some running shorts based on comfort but my god! they have such hideous colors I can't buy them.  The guy's shorts are lcuky becuase their shorts are usually navy blue, black or gray.  Woman's shorts are lime green with orange flowers, or pink,,,!!

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                    6 tempo today.


                    QOTD: Yep! I mostly wear INKnBURN because I feel like a badass in their stuff.

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                      Slowly ramping up after 18 months with double Achilles Tendonitis. 15-16 miles in incredibly beautiful San Francisco weather. 65-70F and clear blue skies. Ran my favorite "city" circuit: the NW quadrant of SF. Through Golden Gate park to Ocean Beach, then north along the coast on walking paths and trails while the waves were crashing in below.


                      Passed under Golden Gate bridge, down to Crissy Field with a view of the Bay and Alcatraz. Got lost since they had torn down the bridge i passed under last time and replaced it with a freeway. This forced me on a detour through Palace of Fine arts. A beautiful discovery!


                      I've already massaged my tendons with ice twice tonight, and I'm crossing my fingers the inflammation won't flare up again during the weekend. It usually peaks 50-60 hours after i stress the tendons.

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