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Help me Choose my Next Trail Shoes (Read 45 times)

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    All this talk about shoes recently has me salivating.


    So I got some early b-day money and I want nothing else - need (want) a second pair of trail specific shoes to work into the mix with my Salomon Crossmax (500 trail miles but still have some life left).  I had posted about Hokas and had a ton of feedback so they are in the mix.


    Here's what I am considering:


    1.) Hoka (not sure which ones) - expensive but might last a while. Some of the feedback you guys gave was that they are not the greatest on technical trails.  Most of the trails I do are rocky and rooty so I am torn here.


    2.) Cascadia - I have never worn these or even tried them on but so many of you guys talk highly of them.  I currently wear Brooks for road shoes (Ravenna) and like them.


    3.) Salomon Mission XR - I currently run in Salomon Crossmax and like them.  The Mission is supposedly the lighter version of this and I can get at a good price.  Some feedback that they fit a tad bit different.  And if they are lighter does this mean less durable? I can get a a good price though.


    4.) Saucony Progrid Xodus - again some of you guys have talked well about there.  I can get a good price on them.  I have never worn Saucony and have not tried them on.

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      I have a pair of Cascadia 7s that I love. They are about 6 months olds, but they are very reliable.


      I have just purchased a pair of Altra Lone Peaks trail shoes. I like the zero drop, so I got a pair and so far they are really nice. Unlike other zero drop shoes, they have alot of cushioning,


        Disclaimer: I know nothing, am a not a tiny person (185-195 lbs), and am too old and lazy to adopt minimalist trends.


        I've used the Brooks Cascadia for years and always have a pair of those my trail shoe rotation. I consider them good enough for most of the rocky trail I have around here in southeast PA. My only complaint is traction on wet rocks. I also have a pair of Mizuno Ascends. They are hideously ugly but seem to work for me whatever that mean. My only other current pair is NewBalance MT915 trail. These are a bit lighter and generally I use them on easier trails but I have had success in them for 50 mile and 12 hour races. Success meaning I've finished these runs with my feet in good shape.


        I don't see Innov8 on your list. They have some shoes that have good traction on wet stuff. Roclites or something like that. My only issue with these shoes is they rubbed a spot on my heel the wrong way and so I couldn't really use them for long runs. Maybe I was sized wrong though I don't think so.

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          I 2nd the Inov-8 Roclites, Im on my 2nd pair of Roclite 295 and I love them. I've run 3 50Ks in them with no problems, they are light enough with good cushioning and great traction. I will be wearing for my 50 miler next month, so I will see how they hold up during longer distances.They are a UK company so the sizing is kinda weird though.


            I done well with  Mizuno Wave Ascend's.  They just came out with new model, 7 I believe.  I bought a new pair of 6's last night at LRS for $75.  Nice treads for the rocks and roots of PA trails.


              Currently using Brooks Cascadia 7s.

              Love them so far (I think I've had them a couple of months now).


              Really smooth, comfy ride (but not too cushy).  I've had them on roads, fire roads, trails- in snow, wet, dry conditions and they have performed brilliantly so far (not been on any super rocky terrain in them).  I bought a pair and liked them so much I bought a 2nd to rotate with and I even want to pick up another pair when I see a good deal.  At first I thought they may be a bit heavy, but the weight hasn't been an issue for me.  I could see how a "big" foot could possibly need a bit more in the toe box but they suit me just fine.  I'm an 8.5 and they feel like an 8.5.


              I've not tried the 8s.

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                I forgot to mention I need shoes that drain well.  The Salomons have done well with that so far.


                I have not considered the INOV.  Just another shoe to drool over.  Thanks, thanks a lot.


                I used to run in the Mizono Wave Ascend.  I liked them at first and then had tons of issues with blisters on my toes.  It was at that time I figured out that the right size shoe is important! And after only 300 miles (doh!)

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                  You've seen my thoughts on the Hoka's so I'll say no more about them.


                  That leads me to the Cascadia's. I have a pair of Cascadia 5s that I have 470.9 miles on (yea I track my mileage quite closely). These have been my main trail shoe and I probably have less then 20 road miles on them. I find the ride to be too firm for road running, but nice for the technical trails. Considering the rocks, water, mud and everything else I have put these shoes through, I would consider them almost bombproof. The soles are showing wear but not enough to seriously degrade traction. They drain very well and have good traction in mud. Traction on wet rocks could be a little better but it's not so bad that I could complain about them. My son likes his Cascadia 7s, but he does not run a lot of trails.


                  I recently bought a pair of the new NB 1210. The reason I did not go with Cascadia 7s was because the 1210s have a little more padding and a wider toe box. You may want to look at the 1210s as well. Since The Inside Track stocks both, you would be able to try them on side by side. The biggest problem with the 1210s is that they are completely new so there are few reviews out on them yet.