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under a rock

    Welcome to a new week!


    I finished up last week with a group trail run of 8 miles. It's so nice to be able to spend longer on the trails each week now since my soleous continues to stay strong. Today is my day off from running. I did get out for a nice walk with the dogs. I was pleasantly surprised at how good my legs felt today vs last Monday following my long run. Fingers crossed that my base building after last year's injury continues to go well.


    How's everyone else doing this week? Are the holidays starting to run you ragged?


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      Today (monday) is supposed to be a rest day for me, but I might cheat...last year I set a goal of running 1000 miles in a year, but some inconsistant summer months have put me well behind pace for that (850 by my Garmin log).  Anyways...I've got this crazy idea to go for the last 150 miles in the last 15 days so that I can reach my goal, but I still have to convince the rational side of my brain.  The stubborn/impulsive side has been known to win in the past...but no promises yet.


      Fraggle- are you base building for anything in particular?  The holidays are coming up fast for me, but I'm not running ragged yet.

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      under a rock

        Not base building for anything specific yet. Just trying to get my legs healthy and strong before I set a goal. I think once I can do 10 miles for my long run I'll probably start to plan for some races. There is one race I might do in Jan but it will be just to get out and mix things up. I haven't made up my mind at this point.

        Wandering Wally

          Starting the week off with a rest day.


          Goal for the week will be 40 miles.  It'll be a challenge due to some family Christmas stuff going on next weekend.  Might have to move my long run around to make it all work.


          QOTW - The holidays aren't running my ragged.  It has been challenging to get the miles in around all the events though.

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          running under the BigSky

            today is normally a strength training day for me (as I run Sat & Sun), but looking at the forecast for tomorrow and seeing 20+mph winds forecast' I decided to run today and hit the gym tomorrow; got a nice 8.5 miles in the hills this afternoon


            I hoping to be in the low to mid 40's this week, bumping my long run on Sat a couple of miles (each of the next 4 weeks), I want to peak about 3 weeks out from the Uwharrie run the first weekend of Feb, then slowly taper it back- that's the plan on paper anyways Big grin


            Dirty Girl

              Ended up running a FatAss 50k on Sunday after I went into it planning to only run 20. So rest day Monday.

              I have two group road runs this week to run thru neighborhoods looking at Xmas lights. We'll see what the legs think about that!!


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                Excited for a long trail run this Saturday. I'm going out for about an hour with a trail running group, and then will probably spend another 1-2 hours out there by myself.   

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                Wandering Wally

                  Hm, winter storm moving in just made this week more challenging.  It'll be interesting getting my runs in.

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                  running under the BigSky

                    mid week, so far so good- got 8.5 in on Monday, 6 Wed and Thurs, strength training tomorrow (as well as on Tues) and then a 15 miler planned for Sat and an easy 6 on Sunday- God willing of course!  Smile

                    running under the BigSky

                      I pretty much hit all marks for the week, ended up w/ 40.3 miles, got a good hilly (and chilly! Big grin) 15 miles in on Saturday


                      plan is to bump my long run up to 17 miles next week