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    Last night I did a really fun race in Bowdoin, Maine. About 3 dozen runners on a trail none of us knew with no moonlight, just a jack o'lantern every once in a while to mark the way (and headlamps, of course.) Race was run criterium style with a random runner starting every 15 seconds. You didn't know when you'd go until your name was called, and when you crossed the finish line had little to do with what order you finished in. The trail would probably be fine to run on in the daylight or if you knew it, but the rocks, streams and puddles were treacherous for folks not used to running through such things. It was my wife's first night time trail run, and one of the women I coach had never run on a trail before so I was surprised she came. They both had fun. I made it around most of the puddles without going more than ankle deep in the water, which was cold enough given the 38° temperatures, but they warned us ahead of time that the 4 wheeler delivering pumpkins had discovered that one of the puddles was about waist deep. Along the way, you had to stop and grab something from a bucket at 4 different waypoints. It was an out and back, so you had 2 chances at each one except for the last one, which was at the turn around point (and was in a graveyard.) This was good; I skipped the first one, and then didn't even see the next 2, so I'm glad I had a second chance at them on the way back. Here's a write up from a friend of mine that ran: and a link to his photo album: I haven't had a chance to upload or edit my video from the race yet.

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      That sounds like such a blast! I wish more runs were done at night - even road runs would are fun in the dark. And congrats on your win. Thanks for sharing.
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