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Thankfully the Thursdailies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!  I apologize at being atrocious at coming up with daily titles.  Everything I think of has been used (probably by me), so I just use it again anyway.


    RR:  Yesterday I got in a nice 4.2 mile run.  I wasn't really feeling it while I was running, but I felt great after.  I don't have a workout planned, unless you count the epic grading session I'm going to have at Starbucks after work.  A workout of the mind I suppose.


    NRR:  I'm giving a test to four sections of my students today, so I'll have a lot of grading to do, hence the grading at Starbucks. So today it's just work, grading, then hanging out with DF.


    FR:  The usual.  Except I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight.  I need to branch out in what I cook.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    OU:  I hope your cold is completely gone in time for the marathon!  Feel better!


    Seattle:  Do you leave for your trip today?  Have a great weekend away!


    Java:  Running while waiting for big B at karate sounds like a great way to fit a run in.  Are there any other moms there who might run with you?


    SJP:  Is it this weekend that you are moving?  Are you hiring movers or just doing it yourselves?


    MIA:  I’m sorry job number 1 was a no-go.  Hopefully you’ll hear back from job 2 soon.  At least there seems to be a lot of jobs in that field, so once you complete the program, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a good job.  I imagine you want to get started working before that though.  Is this a program where you work at your own pace, or do you have deadlines and what not?


    Snowden:  What’s your weekly mileage up to lately?  You seem to be killing it with running these days!


    Foco:  We don’t go bowling often because when we do, there’s an hour wait.  We’d go more often if it wasn’t so expensive here and there wasn’t a big wait.  I’m impressed that you got up really early, caught a flight back to Colorado, then went to work.  If I had to fly home from a work trip, I’d just go home.  Probably one of many reasons I wouldn’t fit in well with a corporation.



      MC-yeah, i'd try without the lift too, see if that helps, won't hurt right?! wow work after a trip, i'd be toast after getting off a plane!

      mia-sorry about job #1, but at least you are getting interviews and opportunities. fingers crossed on the next one!

      rtr-we are actually moving on tuesday. the current tenant at the new place isn't leaving until 6 pm on the 30th, so we have to move at night after that. and we have to be out of our current place by the 30th, so its a bit of a crunch. we are doing it ourselves....

      seattle-nice run yesterday!

      RR: same story, short run and 90 min of elliptical. foot feels the same. i have a feelings its one of those wait forever to heal things. i think its achillles.

      NRR: eh, ready for the weekend. still counting days til we move. i just want to be done with it.

      FR: dbf and i went out for dinner, had a greek salad, was really good. oh and a beer obviously Smile

        Morning - no worries rtr, I almost used the same title for Tuesday and Thursday last week - obviously I have no great ideas either!


        rtr: good luck with the grading.  Hope there aren't too many essay questions to grade!  I hate the days where the run doesn't feel right - but I am always happy that I did it afterwards.


        sjp: bummer on the foot.  Didn't this happen a few years ago too?  Maybe just an irritation from old shoes or something.


        seattle: I am so paranoid about injury these two weeks also!!! I don't want anything to happen to me after all the hard work.  Definitely lay off the climbing - I think you will be surprised how my more pep your body will have not doing it after a week and allowing your muscles to heal.  I've read before not to weight lift the week of a race - and to me rock climbing is lifting! (myself at least).


        mia: so jealous of your trip.  That is going to be amazing!  That's cool that you will be learning anatomy for your class - gives me a whole new perspective for the people at the medical office.  I'm sure that the schooling will be intense, but I noticed after a few weeks it just became part of my routine and I feel weird when I'm not in class!


        java: guessing you aren't doing any of the races this weekend?  I'm not since mine is next week - just cheering on my friends (from bed).


        snow: usually I hate having the free time during taper, but since I have been so busy the last few months and I've been putting running into the little free time I had, I'm enjoying the break!


        rr: got out for 3 miles last week - i'm barely getting warmed up at that point!  I'm working at the expo for the Marathon on Saturday so I will get to browse for awhile.  Not going to buy anything however since I'm going to my favorite expo ever at Flying Pig the following weekend and plan on spending alot!


        nrr: Getting so close to the end of the semester woohoo!  Outside of that life is boring in general.


        fr: went out for Which Wich last night - it's a sandwich shop.  It was spawned by the person eating cheetos in my class last night which made me crave baked cheetos - so I made my dinner plans around who sells them!


        wr: 148.8 this morning - not bad, I'll take it i guess.


          Good morning!!


          RR: Hot yoga this afternoon! The instructor is one of the most challenging and I'm really looking forward to it. Didn't get to run at Big B's karate yesterday because he had a melt-down at the thought of me not being there to watch. I guess I just have to make it up tomorrow.


          NRR: Not much going on. Big B has soccer practice and then dinner, baths, and bed.


          FR: snapped green beans with DH on  the couch last night - so romantic Roll eyes



          B: another smoothie w/ oats, chai seeds, spinach, strawberries, bloobs, banana, greek yogurt, oj, and a little honey; coffee w/ ff creamer

          S: quinoa energy bite, tea

          L: PB&Honey w/ carrot and celery sticks

          D: turkey burgers stuffed w/ gouda on ww buns, oven-fried green beans



          rtr - I think a grading session like that totally counts as a workout. Hope it goes quickly so you can get home to DF!


          sjp - I'm so sorry your foot is taking its time healing! I hope you get some relief soon.


          OU - not running any this weekend. I don't feel like my running is where it should be right now and didn't want to disappoint myself. I may stop by the expo though! Always cool stuff there. LOVE Which Which!! Haven't been there in years!


            Good Morning, another beautiful day here.

            RTR: I'm guessing it's easier to concentrate on grading when you are away from home, and what a great place to do it.  Do your students go to the Starbucks where you will be grading?  The program I'm in is pretty structured, they give us a list of things to complete for the week, but within the week we can work at our own pace.  It looks like I'll be spending at least 15 to 20 hours on class work a week.  My first "course" is 5 weeks long, but it is really 4 courses.  An "insurance for the medical office" course, a "language of medicine" course, a course to help you succeed- they call it "Think, Build, Live, Success" and a Keyboarding class.  The certificate program is 10 months long and usually they are 2 years long if you go to a community college.

            SJP: sorry about your foot hurting.  Hope you aren't too stressed with the quick turn over time in the move.

            OU: working at the expo this weekend should be lots of fun and you'll get super ramped up for your own marathon.

            Java: too bad big B didn't want you to leave, maybe try leaving for short periods of time and then when you go for longer he won't notice as much.  I forget, how old is he?  What are quinoa energy bites and do you make them?

            Seattle: We are going fishing out of Westport on a boat called "Slammer", BF has been going out with this boat for about 20 years.  He knows the skipper pretty well.  They supply all the gear so no worries about that.  I just have to dress WARMLY and take some dramamine.


            RR: running on the old stomping grounds this morning.

            NRR: starting to get very excited about my trip.  Need to start packing this weekend.  I have all my work done for class this week except for a couple of paragraphs I need to write and then I need to do some keyboarding.  Unfortunately the software they have been supplying me isnt working on my MAC so I'm working with the tech peeps to see if they can help.  I hope so, no way am I getting a new computer.

            FR: need to make dinner for DBF tonight before heading to the coast.  He like FRESH and is kind of picky - he shops at whole paycheck.  I think I'll make some kind of stir fry.



              MIA - Big B is 5. We had a long talk after and he agreed to try next week with me promising to make it back in time to watch the end of class (when they put everything together into a big fighting sequence). For the quinoa energy bites, I use this recipe: http://livliveslife.com/2012/07/29/quinoa-oat-energy-bites/ It's super easy to make because you don't have to cook the quinoa before throwing it in (but I do rinse it really well). I change up what I add - right now it is dried cranberries and last week it was dark chocolate chips.


                Good morning, it's my Friday!


                RR- 4 mi lunch break run today, sunny again... woohoo!  I may climb lightly after work or I may just lay in the sun!


                NRR- Had a nice night w/DBF last night, we ended up walking along the waterfront/beach near my work for a few hours.  We saw a bunch of seals out, which was fun!  Today is scrambling to get as much work done as possible, then I still need to pack (I am such a procrastinator when it comes to packing, haha), and then we are leaving on the red-eye tonight.  Hopefully I can sleep on the plane or I will be so tired and jet lagged when we get back on Sunday!  We are going to the horse races in Lexington KY tomorrow, and hanging out in Cincinnati on Saturday.  Should be fun!


                FR- No idea, probably making something quick amidst all the packing and hurrying to the airport!


                I'l try to be back for shouts in a bit!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: I got up this morning and ran! It was a process ... I had to sit and drink some coffee for a bit so my eyes would open. The route I took had some early-morning truck traffic on it for part of it, so I need to figure out a more peaceful route for the early morning. And I switched back to my old Wave Riders and they felt great! I have no idea why I ever switched ... I get really focused on those "Shoe Finder" things that RW has and am always thinking there's something better out there. Also going to just do without the lift for now.


                  NRR/FR: Great to caught up with DH last night ... we went to our favorite Mexican place and just sat at the bar. They have fantastic tortilla soup, so I frequently get a bowl of that and on fish taco a la carte. I think it's my favorite meal ever. Plus the margaritas are world-famous.


                  RTR: Epic grading will be more pleasant with good coffee at hand. I like their dark chocolate covered espresso beans, too, for a little lift. I need to branch out on what I cook, too. DH and I are spending way too much time/money eating out lately. I'm thinking about doing one of those fresh vegetable shares. Then I'll be forced to cook vegetables several times a week.


                  SJP: So sorry your foot is still feeling sore. You are so smart to lay off running and focus on the elliptical ... is it driving you crazy or a nice change of pace for a while? Won't be long until the move!


                  Ou: I like to shop at the expos, too, or at least browse!


                  Java: Have a great yoga session -- I love yoga so much. Too bad you weren't able to get that run in, but it's sweet that Big B wanted you there. Snapping green beans sounds kinda fun! Used to do that with my family when I was young and we had a big garden. Those quinoa energy bites sound amazing, I'll have to try that!


                  Mia: Sounds like your course is really intense! Hope they get it to work on your Mac, I bet they will. Have fun packing for your trip -- that's always a pleasant task when you're going someplace fun.


                  Seattle: Hopefully you can get a window seat so you have something to lean against while you sleep (that's my strategy!) How fun to see seals ... they're so cute. The horse races will be so great. My DD used to ride (eventing) and we went to Kentucky to see the Rolex eventing course once ... those horses and riders are all amazing.


                    Already Thursday? I still have so much to get done on my weekend.


                    RR- Yesterday I ran my best guess of what the 1/2 course of my upcoming marathon is. My time was 1:44:20, but the course came up .6 miles short. But I think I know a loop to add in to make it close to the 13.1 miles. It was really good experience to run. I started out too fast and by the time I got to the trail portion I was wore out. I also never run with a plan so it was mentally tough knowing the course ahead of me. It made it seem much longer and I wanted to walk a lot. Finished without walking though after I told myself over and over again that I know I can run 13 miles so just keep going.


                    FR- Didn't grocery shop yesterday. So today that needs to happen. I asked DBF if he would make chili while I was at fire training and when I got home he still wasn't home, and didn't show up for over an hour. So chili turned into going out for pizza pretty late.


                    NRR- Thinking about my job and what options I have(which really aren't many). But work is still hard. The Director of Maintenance is still an ass hole and nothing has gotten better for over a year! My boss doesn't like confrontation so he just hopes the director of maintenance "gets it". People have just kind of gotten used to his bad management skills, which has made it worse. I can't take much more. It's very hard going to work and having a good attitude and good work ethic when you are going to work under someone you have zero respect for.


                      Okay now that my rant is over.. Shouts!


                      RTR- I would have a hard time coming up with titles too, and for that reason am glad I live in Alaska Time. Nice going getting your "not feeling it" run done, that's not an easy thing to do. Starbucks sounds like a great place to get a major grading session done. I am hitting the low to mid 30's every week, with the occasional cutback week. Hoping to get to the high 30's soon.


                      SJP- Obviously beer. Smile I really enjoy beer, good beer. Right now I'm trying to not have alcohol for a bit, I was having too much too often to be able to lose weight at all even if I was eating right. I think after a few weeks off I'll try bringing it back in moderation.


                      OU- I think I'd have a hard time going out for only 3 miles. I'm sure your body needs it though! I foresee myself having a hard time with taper at the end of July.


                      Java- You're giving me so many food ideas! Life with kids sounds busy, very busy. Hope you get a run in tonight!


                      Mia- How do you like your MAC? I've been thinking about getting one. Have your had a PC, how do they compare? I use my laptop mostly for internet and artsy things like photoshop so I'm liking a mac for that, but just don't know anything about them. "Whole paycheck" that made me laugh.


                      Seattle- Have a great trip and family time! You deserve the break.


                      MC- Awesome job getting up for a morning run! I get up, have my coffee, have another cup of coffee and breakfast. Search the internet for a bit. Digest. Then go run. But I consider it my relaxing time since I get off work so late.


                        rtr - yep, leaving late this evening... should be fun!  hope the big grading session goes smoothly - I love the idea of doing it at Starbucks, then at least you can relax and have some coffee or tea or whatnot while you're doing it!


                        sjp - yikes on the achilles - I am glad it doesn't seem to be getting any worse though!  Definitely something you want to be careful with.  Hope the time flies for your move... it's always so hard waiting for things like that!


                        ou - yeah, I think of climbing as sort of lifting too - "only" bodyweight lifting, but still, it's a good workout and it can leave you sore in some random places.  I think I'll just climb really lightly on Monday and focus on technique more than anything difficult, and then take the rest of the week off from it!  I have been running 4 mi as my easy runs this week and it feels so short!


                        Java - too cute about snapping green beans with DH!  bummer on the meltdown at karate last night, hopefully you can get some running in soon!


                        Mia - that's awesome that the place supplies all the gear, should be something different and fun for sure!  So exciting that your trip is coming up so soon!


                        MC - I also rode horses (eventing/jumping/dressage/etc) from when I was pretty little until high school.  I really want to get back into it but it's tough to find $ and time right now.  I would love to go to Rolex Kentucky someday, it looks so awesome!  Mmm, your post is making me crave Mexican food... dang!  Glad you had some nice catch up time with DH!


                        snowden - bummer about the job situation... hopefully there is some way to make it better for you!  Great job running part of the marathon course - I think that's important to do if you can, just for the mental aspect!  I love running the Seattle Marathon/half because I know the course so well, it's super nice!  I have no idea really where the Tacoma City marathon goes...  I know it's flat so that's good.  It will be a different sort of adventure!