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    Happy marathon week ou!


    RR - Wanted to get my 8 mi run in after we got back from the airport yesterday, but that didn't end up happening... so I am up early to get it done before work today! Also heading to the climbing gym w/DBF after work. And, it's marathon week!!! I had a bunch of friends who ran marathons yesterday and it got me even more excited for mine.

    NRR - Had a fun but whirlwind trip... we took the redeye on Thursday (during which I learned I can't sleep on airplanes, at all), went to Cincinnati and then down to Lexington on Friday. We went to Keeneland Racetrack, which was awesome - it was so crowded and fancy and people were tailgating the horse races like we tailgate football games. I also realized that the Rolex Kentucky was this past weekend, so I got tickets and watched the cross country jumping at the Kentucky Horse Park on Saturday, so awesome! I have ridden horses since I was little (can't do it as much now b/c of time and $ but I hope to again someday), and I'd never been to Kentucky before so it was awesome. Also spent some time around Cincinnati hanging out with the brother, and then spent most of yesterday flying back. So exhausted! Hoping to keep my eyes open during work today and not be totally lame when I finally get to see DBF again tonight!

    FR - Getting back on track after vacation... trying to eat well and drink lots of water this week!


      Good Morning!

      Seattle: Glad you had a nice trip.  I bet you are exhausted today.  Marathon coming up this weekend!  Did they make that course flat?  It used to be a really hilly course with the hill part being the Sound to Narrows race portion.


      SJP: Hope your prep for the move is coming along.


      OU: Your marathon is also this weekend - are you excited?  Is anyone going on the trip with you?


      RR: Didn't do much of that this weekend and I should have.  Feeling like a slug.


      NRR: Fishing was awesome.  water was calm, I caught my limit, actually everyone did.  Came home with 34 lbs of fish (after it was filleted) between DBF and myself.  I caught the biggest Ling Cod on the boat.  Got home Saturday early afternoon and did some stuff around the house and then went up to DBF's and we just hung out for the evening since we were both tired out.  Sunday drove to see my youngest DD, kind of a late birthday visit.  Ex drove up with me which was oh so enjoyable.  I survived but was glad when the day was over.  I just don't even want to be his friend anymore.  I have to be civil because of the children BUT I wouldn't be upset if I never saw him again.

      Starting to stress some about everything I have to do to get ready for my trip.  Lots of HW, packing, today I have a DR. appt.  I really shouldn't be going but since it had been paid for before I was jobless . . .

      I didn't get either position I interviewed for, both said I was their 2nd choice.  UGH!  No one remembers number 2.


      FR: Stress = not so good eating.  : (



        Had a lovely 8 mi run in the light rain this morning.  It felt so good to stretch my legs!


        Mia - I'm surprised we west coasters are the only ones who have posted so far today!  Everyone else must be busy or sleeping in Smile  I am feeling pretty perky right now, but I think I may still sort of be on east coast time (was up when my alarm went off at 5) so I will probably be dragging later for sure.  They changed the marathon course this year so it is quite flat (actually a net downhill course) - it goes across the narrows bridge, through point defiance, and along the Tacoma waterfront - should be really pretty!  Glad you had fun fishing with DBF, that sounds super fun for a new experience!  Bummer on the jobs Sad  at least you know that you are among the top candidates so you just need to find that job that sees you as their #1!  Hopefully something great will come up soon!  Have a nice glass of wine tonight and try not to stress out, your trip will be so much fun Smile


          Morning! .. Afternoon Smile I slept in.


          RR- Last week was my highest ever mileage week of 46. I think today will be a rest day and I'll take the dog out for a bit of an extended walk instead.


          NRR- Nothing special here.


          FR- Ugh I feel huge today. I ate tons and tons of food yesterday.


          Seattle- Sounds like you had an awesome trip! Short get-away's are so nice.


          Mia- Sorry about the jobs. Keep your head up, you'll find something.


            Hello Everyone!

            seattle-marathon week! sounds like an exhausting but super fun trip. hope you can stay awake to see DBF tonight!

            mia-sorry about the jobs, something will turn up for you. ugh, portland seems like a long drive with the ex. we moved a lot of stuff yesterday into the living room. have friends to help us tomorrow so that should help a lot!

            snowed-woohoo on your mileage, that is fantastic!

            RR: still only a couple miles and then elliptical for the weekend and today. i moved a lot of boxes/up/down stairs and that really made my foot hurt. will ice tonight.

            NRR: moving tomorrow. we have it all packed and cleaned out what we could. yesterday was trash/recycling day so we really had to get a jump on it. no one wants to move trash.

            FR: grabbed a few things at the grocery store last night.


              Hi all,


              RR: Did a 10-miler over the weekend and didn't really feel great. Back sore. I'm going to the chiro today to see whether she can get  me fixed up again. Still planning to the do the half marathon this coming weekend but don't want it to be so painful. We'll see what happens. I'll get adjusted, maybe go for an easy 3 miles tonight and reassess.


              NRR: Such a gloriously beautiful weekend we just had ... temps  in the 70s. It's supposed to rain/snow again tomorrow but at least we had a nice weekend! I ran, read a book out in the yard (and ignored any yard work that should have been done), went to a cookout at some friends, etc. Watched an old Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday. Gregory Peck is devilishly handsome in that movie!


              Seattle: So excited for you and your marathon coming up ... you are so well trained, it will be fun to see how you do. The racetrack stuff sounds so fun. Really brings back memories of when we took our daughter to the Rolex years ago. We were astounded at how huge those cross-country jumps were. It made my heart race to think of her jumping anything like that! Cross-country was always her favorite part. She hasn't been riding since she's been in college, but it'll be interesting to see whether she gets back into it when she gets back to Colorado.


              Mia: Your fishing excursion sounds amazing! You will have a great time on your trip, even though the preparation seems hectic now, and the change of perspective always helps to clarify thinking. In the meantime, it sounds like you were really close on the two jobs, so it's just a matter of time before the match is perfect. Too bad you have to spend any time at all with Ex ...


              Snow: Terrific on your mileage last week! A rest day sounds like a good idea, and even better with a dog for company on your walk!


                Snow: with you on feeling huge and eating tons.  UGH!

                sjp: sounds like you are really organized for your move!  Sorry about the foot, may be time to get it checked out?

                MC: Your weekend sounds wonderful, glad you got to relax some.


                RR: ran close to 7 miles today, felt so slow and cumbersome.

                NRR: worked on school work most of the day, almost done with half the work for the week.  Got my Euros for my trip.  Had my DR. appt and none of the "tumors" have changed in size, so I just need a recheck in a year.  If I feel discomfort, have blood in my urine or something like that I have to go back earlier. DBF wanted to get together tonight but I'm just feeling overwhelmed.  We're going to meet for lunch tomorrow instead.

                FR: really trying to control today, so far so good.  I have healthy dinner planned - southwest salad with fish on it.  Sounds good, hope it tastes good.